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  • John F. Hanzel, PA

    John F. Hanzel, PA is the legal practice of Charlotte, North Carolina based attorney John F. Hanzel, providing several key legal services to clients throughout the surrounding...

  • Joseph Alexander Paletta, Esq.

    Joseph Alexander Paletta, Esq. is a criminal defense legal practice based in Pittsburgh, PA providing legal representation to clients throughout the surrounding cities and...

  • Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC

    Kaufman & McPherson, PLLC is a personal injury and family law firm based in Bridgeport, West Virginia providing legal counsel and representation to clients throughout the...

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  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology Expert Witness

    Shannon John Johnson - PharmDmand
    Shannon John Johnson - PharmDmand

    Dr. Shannon J. Johnson has more than fifteen years of pharmacy experience specializing in clinical pharmacy, pharmacology, information systems, safe...

  • Criminal Justice Consultant & Expert Witness

    Gregory D. Lee, Inc.
    Gregory D. Lee, Inc.

    Gregory D. Lee, criminal justice consultant and expert witness, is a retired Supervisory Special Agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the...

  • Legal Fee Expert Witness and Consultant

    Wyatt Partners, LLC
    Wyatt Partners, LLC

    Wyatt Partners, LLC is a team of corporate, legal, and financial professionals. The company’s primary focus is our Legal Fee Practice program – a...