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  • Road Traffic Injury in the UAE
       Provided by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy

    Being involved in a road traffic accident can leave you with anything from whiplash and bruising to serious head and spinal injuries. If you are uncomfortable enough to be involved in a horrific road accident, which was not your fault, then you may be entitled for a personal injury compensation claim.

  • Colur, my Colour - Registration of Colour Marks, a Global Overview
       Provided by STA Law Firm

    Feeling blue or are you seeing red because you are turning green with jealousy at the neighbor’s new car? Colors are not only used to describe the emotions we feel, but they are imperative in our world. Universally red means ‘stop’ and green means ‘go’ and traffic lights across the world send this message. It should come as no surprise that colors hold a great importance and are increasingly used as trademarks (color marks) in the marketplace.

  • Arrest of Ships in Accordance with Libyan Law
       Provided by Karbal & Co.

    Libya is largely dependent on imports, consisting mainly of industrial and food commodities. Libya’s biggest trading partner is the European Union and Italy leads with 30% of Libyan imports. This significance of the Libya/EU trade-link across the Mediterranean is undisputed as the seaports of Libya are invigorating their connections to the southern European seaports.

  • Oil and Gas Regulation in Mozambique
       Provided by SAL & Caldeira

    An overview of the domestic oil and gas sector, rights to oil and gas, health safety and the environment, sale and trade in oil and gas, tax and enforcement of regulation. It covers transfer of rights; transportation by pipeline; environmental impact assessments; decommissioning; waste regulations and proposals for reform.

  • How to Buy Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Egypt
       Provided by Ayman Sultan Law Firm

    Law description for business commercial companies established in Egypt. These rights have described according to the International Law in Egypt. Also the article says about private property in Cairo, Hurghada. But there are other rules for Sharm-El-Sheikh.

  • Articles of Association or Conversion into Companies Created Under AUDSC-GIE?
       Provided by Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates

    In order to harmonize them in the event of the new N-AUSC-GIE's entry into force", we have arisen, in an "ohada" purist context, the issue of the survivability of harmonized Congolese companies, which have not harmonized their articles of association with the provisions of Uniform Act on Commercial Corporate and Economic Interest Group of April 17, 1997, (AUDSC-GIE), when the New Uniform Act on Commercial Corporate and Economic Interest Group of January 30, 2014 (N-AUDSC-GIE) comes into force.

  • The Problem Militating Against the Growth of Arbitration in Nigeria
       Provided by Strachan Partners

    Unlike commercial litigation where litigants spend many years in court for their dispute to be resolve by a Judge, an arbitration proceeding is fast and flexible. The parties agree on the process of resolving their dispute. Arbitration proceedings are confidential and an arbitral award is not subject to appeal. Notwithstanding the advantages of arbitration over litigation, there are many challenges facing Arbitration as a means of resolving commercial disputes in Nigeria.

  • Sanusi’s Suspension: Legal or Illegal - Nigeria
       Provided by 1st Attorneys

    The suspension of erstwhile Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi by President Goodluck Jonathan has generated a lot of heated legal debate on the legality or illegality of the suspension.

  • Advertising and Promotion in the State of Kuwait
       Provided by Al-Dostour Law Firm

    Freedom of expression is guaranteed for all in the State of Kuwait under many laws that may be some of its most important articles are included in the articles of the Constitution of The State of Kuwait and the other laws organising this matter.

  • Purchasing Real Estate in Israel
       Provided by Livnat, Mayer & Co.

    A summary of some of the pertinent information with respect to purchasing real estate in Israel.

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