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  • Divorce under Tunisian Law
       Provided by Dr. Brahim LATRECH Law Office

    In Tunisia, the Family Law is regulated by the Code of Personal Status.The rules applicable to divorce in Tunisian law is the Articles 29 et seq of the Code of Personal Status.

  • Oil Contracts, What Is it all About?
       Provided by Dandashli & Associates

    Perhaps fuel could be the quickest product to come in to mind when thinking about petroleum, but the list of petroleum products is long and includes numerous materials such as propane, liquid fuels blending such as kerosene, benzene, etc…lubricants, sulfar, asphalt and many more….Petroleum contracts through the history were designed with crude oil in mind, and this ethos still dominate the structure of the contracts up to this date.

  • Marriage and Divorce in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
       Provided by Al Saedi & Ezz Arbitration and Law Firm

    Keep an eye on your personal status in UAE.

  • Enforcing the 1958 New York Convention in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
       Provided by Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates

    The UN Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of arbitral awards signed in New York on June 10, 1958, (« The New York Convention »), has been ratified in Democratic Republic of the Congo ("DRC") through Law No 13/023 dated 26 June 2013 authorizing the accession of DRC to the Convention in accordance with article 215 of the Constitution.

  • Hotel Management Agreements under UAE Law
       Provided by STA Law Firm

    Agreeing with your spouse to reimburse him or after a shopping trip? A contract. Buying a plane ticket? A contract. Signing an offer letter from an employer who has offered you a job? A contract. A multi-page complex document laying out terms and conditions of a high value corporate deal? A contract.

  • Labor Commissions in Saudi Arabia
       Provided by Hazim AL-Madani Law Firm

    The labor Law in Saudi Arabia is a balanced law that regulates all aspects of labor relations between workers and employees and applicable to all Saudi and Non-Saudi workers without discrimination. Respecting the laws and compliance with their provisions enhances labor relations stability and acts as a key for progress and development.

  • Cyberspace posing challenges to legal framework
       Provided by Youssry Saleh Law Firm

    The legal profession has been changing over time, adopting new fields and challenges. Globalization, development of internet and technologies all led to the change in lives, change in the way businesses are conducted, in the way people spend their leisure time and, also, the way people commit crimes.

  • Important Frequently Asked Questions on Vessel Arrest in Tunisia
       Provided by Achour Law Firm

    The best option available to a party seeking to obtain security for a maritime claim against a shipowner is, certainly the arrest of the vessel. Let's see the important frequently asked questions on vessel arrest in Tunisia

  • When a Marriage Breaks in the United Arab Emirates
       Provided by Motei & Associates, Attorneys at Law

    Shedding light on the application of the UAE Personal Affairs (‘Sharia’) versus foreign laws. The case of a Hindu divorce granted by the Sharia Court in the UAE to the wife with full custody of the kids as well as alimony.

  • Fraud in the UAE
       Provided by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy

    Fraud is defined as taking or gaining from another, property, money, vouchers or anything of value by deception or lying or trickery which is supported by verbal means or written documents, causing the victim to rely on the same to willingly handover or something of value from himself to the person committing the fraud.

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