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  • Cyberspace posing challenges to legal framework
       Provided by Youssry Saleh Law Firm

    The legal profession has been changing over time, adopting new fields and challenges. Globalization, development of internet and technologies all led to the change in lives, change in the way businesses are conducted, in the way people spend their leisure time and, also, the way people commit crimes.

  • Important Frequently Asked Questions on Vessel Arrest in Tunisia
       Provided by Achour Law Firm

    The best option available to a party seeking to obtain security for a maritime claim against a shipowner is, certainly the arrest of the vessel. Let's see the important frequently asked questions on vessel arrest in Tunisia

  • Understand Legal Implications under Dubai Strata Law
       Provided by STA Law Firm

    If I purchase an apartment in a communal building, what exactly do I own? Am I entitled to a section of the pool, corner of the gym and rights over a particular elevator? Or do I only have rights over anything within the boundaries of my specific plot?

  • When a Marriage Breaks in the United Arab Emirates
       Provided by Motei & Associates, Attorneys at Law

    Shedding light on the application of the UAE Personal Affairs (‘Sharia’) versus foreign laws. The case of a Hindu divorce granted by the Sharia Court in the UAE to the wife with full custody of the kids as well as alimony.

  • Fraud in the UAE
       Provided by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy

    Fraud is defined as taking or gaining from another, property, money, vouchers or anything of value by deception or lying or trickery which is supported by verbal means or written documents, causing the victim to rely on the same to willingly handover or something of value from himself to the person committing the fraud.

  • The Gateway to Europe
       Provided by Heskia-Hacmun Law Firm

    Despite the fact that the German market is considered to be the third biggest economy in the world, with an annual turnover of (if you mention turnover an exact figure is expected) Billions of Euros, Israeli business presence in Germany is still relatively poor. How should business be done in Germany? Which Israeli businesses succeed in Germany and in interacting with Germans, and how can the Israeli “Chuzpa” be more helpful? These are things one ought to consider.

  • Israel’s Substantive Infringement Doctrine – New Guidelines
       Provided by Reif & Reif, Law Offices and Notary

    Israel's Supreme Court provides new guidelines relating to the Substantive Infringement Doctrine in Israel.

  • How to Transfer Property in Zimbabwe
       Provided by Kanokanga & Partners

    When one sells an immovable property which is held under a Deed of Transfer (Title Deed), the buyer upon paying the full purchase price, is entitled to take transfer of the property. The process by which the buyer takes transfer is called conveyancing. The person (a lawyer) who does the conveyancing is called a conveyancer.

  • Dubai Employment Benefits - End of Service Gratuity
       Provided by Al Safar & Partners

    Literal meaning of severance or gratuity is a favor or gift, usually in the form of money, given in return for service. In other words a sum of money offered to certain service sector workers for a service they performed or anticipated.

  • Crimes Against Foreigners in Egypt
       Provided by Ayman Sultan Law Firm

    Murders of or by foreigners in Egypt – Thankfully these cases are rare, but unfortunately they aren’t unheard of. Not the most common of foreigner crimes in Egypt, murder (or a killing) can be classified as follows: self-defence, manslaughter, deliberate murder. In terms of statistics, self-defence is usually behind a foreigner killing an Egyptian citizen.

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