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  • Patent Enforcement and Litigation in Israeli Court Proceedings
       Provided by Reif & Reif, Law Offices and Notary

    Patents are regularly enforced by courts in Israel. As soon as your patent is registered, you can begin to enforce it. Once the patent has been registered, you can sue anyone that has infringed the patent at any time since it was filed.

  • End of Service Benefits: Comparison of Gratuity under the UAE Labor Law and DIFC Laws
       Provided by Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy

    Employees are eligible for Gratuity at the end of completing a full years of service. This gratuity is calculated as 21 days of salary. Salary in this case excludes any allowances for housing or car etc and considers the basic salary of the employee.

  • Whistleblowing - A Silent Noise
       Provided by STA Law Firm

    Should I not hear, as I lie down in dust, the horns of glory blowing above my burial? Contrad Aiken

  • How to Transfer Property in Zimbabwe
       Provided by Kanokanga & Partners

    When one sells an immovable property which is held under a Deed of Transfer (Title Deed), the buyer upon paying the full purchase price, is entitled to take transfer of the property. The process by which the buyer takes transfer is called conveyancing. The person (a lawyer) who does the conveyancing is called a conveyancer.

  • Dubai Employment Benefits - End of Service Gratuity
       Provided by Al Safar & Partners

    Literal meaning of severance or gratuity is a favor or gift, usually in the form of money, given in return for service. In other words a sum of money offered to certain service sector workers for a service they performed or anticipated.

  • Crimes Against Foreigners in Egypt
       Provided by Ayman Sultan Law Firm

    Murders of or by foreigners in Egypt – Thankfully these cases are rare, but unfortunately they aren’t unheard of. Not the most common of foreigner crimes in Egypt, murder (or a killing) can be classified as follows: self-defence, manslaughter, deliberate murder. In terms of statistics, self-defence is usually behind a foreigner killing an Egyptian citizen.

  • Arrest of Ships in Accordance with Libyan Law
       Provided by Karbal & Co.

    Libya is largely dependent on imports, consisting mainly of industrial and food commodities. Libya’s biggest trading partner is the European Union and Italy leads with 30% of Libyan imports. This significance of the Libya/EU trade-link across the Mediterranean is undisputed as the seaports of Libya are invigorating their connections to the southern European seaports.

  • Oil and Gas Regulation in Mozambique
       Provided by SAL & Caldeira

    An overview of the domestic oil and gas sector, rights to oil and gas, health safety and the environment, sale and trade in oil and gas, tax and enforcement of regulation. It covers transfer of rights; transportation by pipeline; environmental impact assessments; decommissioning; waste regulations and proposals for reform.

  • Articles of Association or Conversion into Companies Created Under AUDSC-GIE?
       Provided by Emery Mukendi Wafwana & Associates

    In order to harmonize them in the event of the new N-AUSC-GIE's entry into force", we have arisen, in an "ohada" purist context, the issue of the survivability of harmonized Congolese companies, which have not harmonized their articles of association with the provisions of Uniform Act on Commercial Corporate and Economic Interest Group of April 17, 1997, (AUDSC-GIE), when the New Uniform Act on Commercial Corporate and Economic Interest Group of January 30, 2014 (N-AUDSC-GIE) comes into force.

  • The Problem Militating Against the Growth of Arbitration in Nigeria
       Provided by Strachan Partners

    Unlike commercial litigation where litigants spend many years in court for their dispute to be resolve by a Judge, an arbitration proceeding is fast and flexible. The parties agree on the process of resolving their dispute. Arbitration proceedings are confidential and an arbitral award is not subject to appeal. Notwithstanding the advantages of arbitration over litigation, there are many challenges facing Arbitration as a means of resolving commercial disputes in Nigeria.

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