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  • Egyptian Labor Law
       Provided by Youssry Saleh Law Firm

    Governing Laws and Decrees: Employment matters in Egypt are primarily regulated by the following legislative sources: Law No. 47 for the year 1978 governing civil servants; Law No. 48 for the year 1978 governing public sector employees; Law No. 203 for the year 1991, addressing special requirements for employees working in the public commercial (business) sector of the State; Law No. 12 for the year 2003, regulating relationship between employers and employees in private sector.

  • Heirs According to Shariah Principles of Succession in UAE
       Provided by Hassan Elhais

    Shariah lays down the relations that qualify as heirs following the death of an individual. The deceased's estate can only be transferred to persons who qualify as heirs under Shariah Law principles. Anyone who does not qualify as an heir gets nothing from the estate.

  • A Forwarder Is Not Required to Question an Importer's Declaration Regarding the Contents of Forwarded Cargo in Israel
       Provided by Gill Nadel Law Office

    Monetary disputes between clients (importers or exporters) and the various entities that form the logistic chain of transporting goods (such as forwarders or customs agents) are common, and frequently reach the courts.

  • A Safer and Happier Life for Children in the UAE
       Provided by Motei & Associates, Attorneys at Law

    Highlights of the New UAE Child Protection Law.

  • Construction Contracts in Iran’s Body of Law: Post-Sanctions Strategy
       Provided by ESK Law Firm

    Although there are several similarities between construction law in Iran and other countries, it has its own rules and regulations which are different from the construction industry of the West. foreign contractors who enter the market for the first time must be prepared for a different environment. This article explains important aspects of construction law in Iran.

  • The Role of an Insurance Agent in Uganda
       Provided by Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates

    In a contract of insurance, there are intermediaries through whom business is transacted and these include among others; agents and brokers. The reason is that most times insurers and some times the insured are companies who can only act through agents ranging from directors and senior management down to junior employees and also other local agents soliciting proposals for insurance. For the case of Uganda, Insurance companies must be bodies corporate under s.4 of the Insurance Act.

  • Economic Sanctions Against the Isalmic Republic of Iran from the Human Rights Perspective
       Provided by Izadi Law Firm

    Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Islamic Republic of Iran has always exposed to various international sanctions due to different reasons and excuses. They put Iran under different sanctions directly or indirectly through international organizations, under the pretext of creating an international order. As matter of fact, they pursue their own foreign policy goals and use sanctions as a means to achieve those goals.

  • Trademarks Registration in Jordan
       Provided by Ihqaq Law Firm

    The Trademark is any visible sign used or to be used by any person to distinguish his goods, products or services from the goods, products or services of others.

  • Kuwait Agents lose ‘Exclusive Agent’ Status
       Provided by Al Yaqout Legal Group

    Bringing in a paradigm shift to the Commercial Agency laws prevailing in Kuwait, the state’s National Assembly had passed significant amendments in February 09, 2016. The new amendment laws precisely struck down the concept of ‘exclusivity’. The principal-companies henceforth can appoint more than one agents or dealers of commodities in Kuwait once the new laws hit the official gazette.

  • Insurance Litigation in Saudi Arabia
       Provided by Hazim AL-Madani Law Firm

    Insurance Litigation will be dealt with Insurance Dispute Committee and Appeal Committee.

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