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greenObtaining a New Lawyer

The author answers the following personal Injury questions. If I am unhappy with the Rhode Island personal injury lawyer who is handling my case, do I have the right to obtain a new attorney? If I obtain a new personal injury lawyer who will pay for the legal services rendered by the old attorney?

blueChoice of Law in Punitive Damage Cases

Over the last decade, U.S. auto manufacturers have adopted a new tack in their efforts to defeat claims for punitive damages. Ford and General Motors argue that the law of their corporate headquarters and their principal place of business should apply to punitive damage claims. Michigan does not allow a civil jury to impose punitive damages. California does permit imposition of such damages when a civil plaintiff can show by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant has acted with malice.

blueProving Non-economic Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

When a loved one dies, there is an irreplaceable hole in the family left behind. When a loved one dies as a result of someone's negligence, the loss is even greater. The job of the plaintiffs attorney is to put the jurors in the shoes of the family; to enable them to feel the pain that the family feels.

blueJuries Aren't Just Emotional Pushovers

Score one for the people. Juries are not made up of wide-eyed innocents who are ready to hand out big damage awards at the drop of a hat, according to a new study of the nation's busiest civil state courts.

blueElectronic "Snooping" - Not Just Unethical

Under federal law, electronic snooping may be considered computer fraud, computer and information theft, or cyberterrorism, violations of which could result in felony charges.

blueThe Ford Explorer: History Repeats Itself

While Firestone tire defects have been the subject of a great deal of publicity since recalled, the role of the Ford Explorer's lack of stability has received much less attention. Changes made did not come close to solving the Explorer's stability problems.

blue4 Ways in which Motorcycle Accident Suits Are Different from Car Accident Suits

Many victims of motorcycle accidents think that their motorcycle accident will be handled in just the same way as a car accident. They could not be more wrong. While the laws are the same, how insurance companies, and later juries, view motorcycle accidents is very different. Failing to understand those differences and failing to hire a lawyer who recognizes those differences could be fatal to your motorcycle accident case.

greenIntellectual Property in Cambodia

     By BNG Legal
Intellectual property is a vital asset for many firms doing business in Cambodia. Whether it be to distinguish goods from competitors’, protecting the fruits of research investment, or maintaining the confidentiality of financial plans, IP considerations surface in virtually all industries.

greenNew Circular Clarifies Definition of “Beneficial Owner” in China Tax Treaties

     By Angela Wang & Co.
The term “beneficial owner” has been used in various tax treaties between mainland China and other foreign countries (including the double taxation arrangements with Hong Kong and Macao) and the status is often a pre-requisite for non-resident enterprises claiming preferential tax treatment in the PRC.

greenUncontested Divorce in Rhode Island

This article explores the different types of uncontested divorce in Rhode Island and explains the process of obtaining an uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces should be much less expensive then contested divorces. This article also explains the residency requirements as well as how to prove residency in Court.

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