How Can I Lose My Social Security Benefits?

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Many people wonder if they can lose their benefits once they start. There are various ways that people can lose their social security disability or supplemental security benefits once they have started receiving a benefit check.

Now of course there are people who lose their benefits because they have recovered their health and have gone back to work. This is encouraged by social security and there are incentives to do so including provisions to make it easier to be reinstated and rules that allow you to keep your Medicare benefits for a period after you stop your benefits and return to work.

However, those who continue to be disabled can lose their benefits too. One a common way is by engaging in work, often on a part time nature. If you gross more than approximately $680 per month your benefits will stop after the ninth month. It is important to note that these nine months do not have to be consecutive.

Another way people lose their benefits is to fail to respond to the periodic reviews that social security makes to determine if you remain disabled. You must submit updated medical records when required to social security. You may even be required to go for an evaluation by one of their doctors. Failure to respond appropriately can result in a stop on your social security disability or supplemental security benefits.

Other common causes of a person losing their benefits are failing to advise social security of changes of address, incarceration in a jail or prison, or if you are receiving supplemental security income SSI and increase in household income.

Regardless of how you lose your benefits, it is important to know that you can always reapply again. You can also appeal, much as you did when you began your original application for social security disability or supplemental security income SSI, working your way up to a hearing with the social security judge.

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