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greenWhat is a Fair Injury Settlement?

If you are injured in a car accident caused by another driver, how do you know if the settlement you receive in an insurance claim is fair?

greenWho Will Investigate The Accident?

Determining the events that took place before, during and after a car accident is a complex and critical part of an injury claim.

greenOther Sources of Liability Following a Car Accident

     By Ferrer Shane, PL
You were out for a drive, maybe running to the grocery store or on your way to pick up the kids at soccer practice. Minding your own business, you pulled away from the curb and, suddenly, you were struck by another vehicle. You are now seriously injured, and you face immeasurable pain, mounting medical expenses, time away from work, corrective surgery, piles of medication and countless trips back and forth to the doctor or physical therapist.

greenBeware of Shady Accident Management Services in Florida

     By Ferrer Shane, PL
Motor vehicle accidents are practically inevitable in Florida, considering the types of drivers on the road. Vacationers are often distracted by the state's beautiful sites, and even those who are paying attention are likely to be unfamiliar with the roads and Florida traffic laws.

blueWashington's Human Trafficking Law is Tested, But Is It the Right One?

In 2003, Washington became the first state to outlaw human trafficking. This past November, a King County jury was finally given the chance to use the six-year-old law.

blueDespite Setbacks, Effort Continues to Legalize Marijuana in Washington

Two bills seeking to legalize and decriminalize marijuana possession by adults were voted down by the House Public Safety Committee in January, but the effort to legalize marijuana in Washington is not dead.

greenWho Will Pay Property Damage?

In addition to the physical injuries you can suffer in an auto accident, there is also the matter of damage to your vehicle.

greenWhat Should Your Injury Attorney Do?

Families grieving the loss of a loved one should not have to also handle their own negligent fatality claim. That's a lawyer's job.

blueConstitutional Government in Nigeria in Danger

     By O. Oluwadare Aguda
In its very opening section, the 1999 Constitution makes the continuity of constitutional government the basis of the system of government in Nigeria.

blueDebt and Divorce in Rhode Island

Issues concerning payment of Credit Cards and Marital Debt can be some of the Most difficult issues to Resolve in a Rhode Island Divorce. Everyone wants to divide the the Assets but no one wants to pay the debt. This article explains how debt is assigned in Rhode Island divorce cases.

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