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blueClaims on Wheels - An Overview of Filing a Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claim

Get the most from your motorcycle insurance by knowing your insurance policy coverage and limits and your rights and obligations under state law.

greenHow to Monitor your Website Traffic

     By Hg.org
Web traffic monitoring should be your top priority. You have to determine the incoming traffic on your website. Once you understand your user habits, you can definitely increase your market profits.

blueAre "Off the Clock" Injuries Covered by the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act?

Many injure workers in Illinois have their worker's compensation claims improperly denied because they were "off the clock" when they were hurt. Kinds of cases that result in improper denials of worker's compensation benefits include: business travel, injuries in parking lots, injuries coming to and going from work on the premises, and injuries occurring during break or lunch.

greenBanking: Duties of Banks and Lawyers in Non-Commercial Transactions - Hong Kong

     By Angela Wang & Co.
In the Hong Kong Court of Appeal case of Wing Hang Bank Ltd v Kwok Lai Sim & Others, the security document signed by the surety/security provider in a “non-commercial” transaction was set aside, the bank’s claim against the security provider was dismissed and judgment was entered against the solicitors acting for both the bank and the surety/security provider for breach of duty of care as solicitors.

blueLitigation Involving Offshore Banking, Offshore Bank Accounts, Offshore Finance, Trade Finance, and Tax Havens

     By Don Coker
Court-recognized banking, anti-money laundering, and taxation expert witness and former banking regulator Don Coker explains from a banker’s and financial professional’s point of view factors that must be taken into account by attorneys handling litigation involving offshore banks, offshore bank accounts, offshore finance, offshore transactions, transfer pricing, international business entities and finance, multinational business entities, tax havens, wire transfers, and many related subjects.

blueBusiness Without the Taint: How to Avoid Corruption

     By Pugnatorius Ltd.
The article gives an overview about the German criminal legislation against cross-border corruption.

blueAvoiding the Dangers of Driver’s Fatigue

     By Mesriani Law Group
Driver’s fatigue is one of the most common causes of a motor vehicle accident.

blueCalifornia Driving Bans and Suspension Penalties

     By Mesriani Law Group
While learning how to drive and driving is a legal right, it is also a responsibility.

blueWorkers’ Compensation Rates Soar in Ohio

     By Garson Johnson LLC
On January 28, Plain Dealer reporter Bob Paynter wrote a front page story on how the soaring rates of the workers’ compensation group- rating program was adversely affecting small businesses in Ohio.

blueOhio Lawmaker Wants to Deny Workers' Compensation to Illegal Immigrants

     By Garson Johnson LLC
Courts in recent years have upheld the workers' compensation rights of injured immigrant employees, regardless of legal status. Only one state — Wyoming — excludes illegal immigrants from the workers' compensation system. Ohio may become the second.

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