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greenEnergy Disputes and International Arbitration - Turkey

The main purpose of this article is to inform readers about settlement of energy disputes that arise in Turkey by international arbitration method and in particular ICSID arbitration process.

blueLegal Recourses for Collecting Condominium Fees

     By Fiset Légal Inc.
This article refers to the several recourses available to enable a syndicate of co-ownership to collect the contributions for common expenses (condo fees) from co-owners who are negligent in remitting these expenses.

greenThe Advantages of Bahamas Immigration Status

Although mention of the Islands of The Bahamas will typically evoke images of sun sand and sea, these 700 sun-kissed cays mask an ever-increasing cache of often untapped resources. Like the sea creatures that choose these Islands as their playground, global citizens find The Bahamas alluring for more reasons than its friendly population, its easy-going way of life, and its appealing climate.

blueFormulas for the Prevention and Resolution of Disputes in International Trade

     By Mariscal Abogados
We are currently in an economic stage of globalization and the internationalization of trade relations. Within this period, the increasing complexity of transactions and the current economic crisis are contributing factors to a greater proliferation of international commercial disputes.

blueBankruptcy Can Provide Relief to Financially Troubled Generation Y

     By Bill Busters
Even though many members of Generation Y might consider themselves too young to consider it, filing for bankruptcy may provide them with a way out of seemingly insurmountable personal debt.

blueLiability of Nursing Homes for Bed Sores or Pressure Ulcers

Nursing home residents frequently develop bed sores or pressure ulcers. Federal regulations place extensive obligations on nursing homes to prevent and treat bed sores or pressure ulcers. Their failure of the nursing home staff to provide the very basic care which is needed to prevent bed sores or pressure ulcers may be the basis of a claim of violations of the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

blueEmployers’ and Employees’ Guide to California Wage Dispute Lawsuit

     By Mesriani Law Group
Sometimes, employees may have unreasonable expectations about their salary but more often, when it comes to California wage disputes, problems usually arise when an employer fails to pay minimum wage, overtime pay or would even make unnecessary deductions from the employee’s salary.

blueI’m Being Evicted. Can Filing for Bankruptcy Help?

If you are being evicted for nonpayment of rent and there has not yet been a court judgment in favor of your lessor/landlord, filing for bankruptcy may be able to help you avoid and/or postpone eviction.

greenPassing Off in China - A Review of Recent Cases Decided under Article 5 of the PRC Anti-Unfair Competition Law

     By MMLC Group
The PRC Anti-Unfair Competition Law has become a powerful weapon for dealing with unfair and corrupt business practices. This article focused on the intellectual property protections aspects of this law. Article 5 of this law is akin to the common law action for passing off, but could be seen as being broader and more flexible.

blueRecent CDC Data Reveals Little Progress in Minimizing Food Poisoning

     By Brown Chiari LLP
While recent media reports have shown a slight decline in the occurrence of E. coli O157:H7 infections in 2009, these reports covering current CDC data on food poisoning have revealed that no real progress has been made in six years to reduce the incidence of dangerous pathogens in our food supply.

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