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green"Non Qualified" Executive Compensation

In the benefits and compensation field “non-qualified” is generally used to describe arrangements which do not receive special tax favored treatment, while “qualified arrangements” do. For example a qualified 401(k) plan produces a current year tax deferral for contributions and a tax deduction for the employer’s portion. This article reviews the differences between non-qualified and qualified executive compensation plans.

blueCommon Defenses in Illinois Third-Party Liability Suits

Injured workers in Illinois have the right to file a third-party liability suit when their injuries are caused by someone other than a co-worker or their employer. However, unlike worker's compensation cases, fault is a crucial issue in third-party liability suits. This article sets forth some of the ways in which defense lawyers are likely to inject the issue of fault into the case and how it can impact the recovery of compensation by injured workers.

blueLegislature Considers Increased Fines for Distracted Driving

California lawmakers recently debated increasing fines for texting and talking on the phone while driving - increases that have some wondering if the point is to create a safer driving environment, or simply add money to the state's coffers.

blueTraumatic Brain Injury: Causes and Symptoms of TBI After a Car Accident

Driving in the comfort of a car or truck, most people do not consider the awesome forces that are at work: gas combustion, aerodynamics and complex structural engineering fights gravity and friction to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

blueTips to Prevent Scooter Accidents

     By Oronoz Ericsson
A typical scooter can retail for less than $1,000, and can be tanked up for just five dollars. There are numerous challenges to driving a scooter on Nevada's congested roads, and Las Vegas personal injury lawyers fear that many scooter fans may not be aware of these.

blueNHTSA Data on Drunk Driving Deaths

Drunk driving is still a major concern for our society.

blueHow Titling Property can Affect your Estate Plan

The myriad options presented to home buyers when titling real estate have significant tax, asset protection, and estate planning consequences.

greenEnergy Disputes and International Arbitration - Turkey

The main purpose of this article is to inform readers about settlement of energy disputes that arise in Turkey by international arbitration method and in particular ICSID arbitration process.

blueLegal Recourses for Collecting Condominium Fees

     By Fiset Légal inc.
This article refers to the several recourses available to enable a syndicate of co-ownership to collect the contributions for common expenses (condo fees) from co-owners who are negligent in remitting these expenses.

greenThe Advantages of Bahamas Immigration Status

Although mention of the Islands of The Bahamas will typically evoke images of sun sand and sea, these 700 sun-kissed cays mask an ever-increasing cache of often untapped resources. Like the sea creatures that choose these Islands as their playground, global citizens find The Bahamas alluring for more reasons than its friendly population, its easy-going way of life, and its appealing climate.

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