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greenExtradition from Thailand

Introduction: The Extradition Act of 2551 (2008) is the relevant statute that governs extraditions to and from Thailand. In addition to the Thai statute, international treaties affect extradition proceedings. These instruments allow the Thai government to request or comply with an extradition proceeding.

blueUninsured Motorist Coverage

When it comes to proper insurance coverage, there is one coverage that you really should not go without! That's "uninsured motorist" coverage. Santa Clarita accident lawyer Robert Mansour discusses why Uninsured Motorist Coverage is perhaps the most important insurance you can have on your car insurance policy.

greenRefuse Non-judicial Punishment? It Is Your Right!

Every new recruit and officer candidate is taught about the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and their rights should they ever face allegations of misconduct. However, few of us remember all of these rights such hypothetical charges become reality.

blueCriminal Justice System May Get Much Needed Overhaul

     By Patrick J. McLain
Our criminal justice system obeys the law of unintended consequences. Eventually, all of our policy decisions have consequences, and some of those come back to haunt us. We can see this in the aftermath of the crackdown on crime in this country.

greenDo I Have to Spend All My Assets to Qualify for Medicaid?

So, let’s say this hypothetical couple with $100,000 can see down the road that the need for long term care is coming. Maybe one of them has Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s. If they give away $50,000 to their kids, how does Medicaid look at that?

greenFour Tactics to Obtain Full Value When Using Accounting Experts

     By Epstein + Nach LLC
Business litigation is expensive, and the cost of consulting and testifying experts can constitute a significant part of the overall budget. Attorneys who strive to effectively advocate for their clients while being cost conscious should consider the dynamics of the relationship they have with their experts. The following tactics for improving interaction and communication with an expert can reduce overall costs and enhance the value the expert can contribute to the conduct of your case.

blueSpanish Labor Reform Thought - Royal Decree-Law 10/2010 from 16th June

On June 16, the Government of Spain passed Royal Decree-Law 10/2010, with urgent measures for reforming the labor market. This is a reform that has been developing over last three years, and where social agents, companies, and unions have not been able to reach any agreement.

greenThailand - Personal Injury Claims

Thai personal injury claims are rooted in a tort theory based on fault. Essentially, an injured plaintiff must show that the defendant injured them via some illegal or grossly negligent act or omission. The aggrieved party must then bring their case before the court system. The courts may then award limited damages to compensate the injured party for their loss.

greenChina’s New Tax Treatment for Royalties

     By MMLC Group
The China State Administration of Taxation ("SAT") issued Circular Guoshuihan [2009] No.507 “Notice of the State Administration of Taxation about the Issues Relevant to the Execution of the Royalty Clauses of Tax Treaties” (“Circular 507”) on 14 September 2009 clarifying some issues on implementation of the Royalty Clauses under the tax treaties between the PRC and various countries. This article reviews the major issues of that Circular.

greenImminent Reform of Hong Kong Companies Legislation

     By Angela Wang & Co.
The Hong Kong Companies Legislation is on the verge of a major overhaul. The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance was last substantially reviewed and amended in 1984 and is largely based on the UK Companies Act 1948 and some of its subsequent reforms, such as those in the UK Companies Act 1976. A thorough review of the legislation is now overdue and it needs to be urgently updated and modernized.

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