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bluePremises Liability - Cases Related to Injuries Sustained on Someone Else's Property

     By The Mason Law Firm
Every year, thousands of individuals are injured on property owned, leased, possessed and/or controlled by someone else. Injuries from such incidents can range from back and/or knee strain or sprain, to broken bones, to torn ligaments requiring surgery, to death. What happens in such cases?

blueNursing Home Waivers - Nursing Home Negligence and Elder Abuse

Agreement to waive jury trial against nursing home may not be a good deal for you.

blueLoss of Chance Damages Resulting from Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

Loss of chance damages resulting from delayed diagnosis of cancer. A physician who delays diagnosing cancer can dramatically reduce a patientís chance of recovery and survival. A doctor commits malpractice if his delay diminishes a patientís chance of survival, even if the patientís prospect for recovery is less than 50 percent.

blueKnowing the Causes behind Defective Gas Tank Lawsuits

     By Mesriani Law Group
In the 70ís, American automaker Ford Motor Company gained notoriety for its infamously dangerous compact sedan, the Ford Pinto. A controversy arose which alleged that the Pintoís structural design was dangerous as the positioning of the fuel tank in the rear when punctured in a crash, could cause a fire or an explosion. Of the 180 fatalities listed from Ford vehicles, 27 of those deaths were attributed to Pinto fires and the same number in Pinto transmission problems.

blueThe Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgment/Arbitral Award on the Territory of China

     By V&T Law Firm
The recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgment/arbitral award not only affects the right and interest of the parties to the judgment/arbitral award, but can be a matter of sovereignty. In todayís international community, it becomes popular one state recognizes the judgment/arbitral award made by a foreign court/arbitration organization based on certain conditions, which brings convenience to the parties to the judgment/arbitral award and promotes the friendship of the states involved.

blueDelayed Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

Common Medical Malpractice Delayed Diagnosis Cases: Melanoma

blueDelayed Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

Common Medical Malpractice issues: Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Cases: Cervical Cancer

blueLax Coordination of Contractors

There are many hazards created by lax coordination among contractors leading to serious injuries to construction workers and tradesmen.

blueTrench Cave-Ins

This article will discuss the all-too common scenario of construction site workers getting hurt, or even dying, when they fall through holes in floors or roofs, or wall openings, as well as falls that occur due to inadequate safety equipment.

greenMALAYSIA - TRADEMARKS: Test for Genericism is Territorial in Nature (August 2010)

Lockheed Martin Corp v Raytheon Co [2010] 7 MLJ 624

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