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blueUS Green Card Requirements

Apply for a US green card or lawful permanent resident card with the confidence of knowing all the basic requirements to determine whether you are eligible and how to do it yourself.

greenDrunk Driving Laws

     By Hg.org
Drunk driving is known as driving under the influence (DUI) in some states and driving while impaired or intoxicated (DWI) in other states.

blueWill Musk's Bitter Divorce Affect Tesla Motors' Business Standing?

Unfortunately for investors and directors alike, Tesla Motors Inc.'s highly hyped initial public offering (IPO) is competing for attention with media coverage of the bitter divorce of its co-founder, chief executive officer and major shareholder Elon Musk, who also co-founded the hugely successful company PayPal. The June 29th IPO went off without a hitch, resulting in a 41 percent in the company's stock on the first day.

blueDoes Marital Love Fade over Time?

After 40 long and tumultuous years of politics, publicity and prosperity, former Vice President Al Gore and his wife Tipper, famous in her own right as an author and outspoken advocate for the Parents Music Resource Center (the committee responsible for the “Parental Advisory” label on music albums that contain explicit lyrics), have announced their plans to divorce.

blueCourtney Love's Case Highlights Non-Parental Custody in California

For the third time, Courtney Love has lost custody of her daughter, Frances Bean. On December 11, a Los Angeles judge stripped Love of legal guardianship and placed her daughter, now 17-years-old, under the care of her paternal grandmother and aunt, the mother and sister, respectively, of Love's late husband, Kurt Cobain.

blueCohabitation before Marriage

A recent study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics suggests that couples who cohabitate before marriage are less likely to remain together.

blueCalifornia Custody Determinations

Most parents are unaware of the legal standards used by California courts to make decisions regarding the custody of their children.

bluePreventing Car Accidents in South Carolina

100 Days of Summer Safety: The long days from Memorial Day to Labor Day are a time when many families hit the road and head for Atlantic beaches or drive inland to the forests and streams of the Carolina and Georgia mountains. But those days can also be deadly: 281 people lost their lives on state highways during June, July and August of 2009.

blueEnforcing Canadian Judgments in Israel

This article addresses the risks to Israelis being sued in Ontario, Canada. Sometimes there is a tendency for Israeli defendants to ignore Ontario lawsuits. Perhaps they feel judgment proof because they have no assets in Canada. That may be unwise. Ontario may assume jurisdiction and grant judgments against Israeli defendants. Such judgments may be enforceable in Israel leaving the defendant's assets in Israel vulnerable to collection.

blueSupreme Court Narrows Right to Remain Silent

In early June, the U.S. Supreme Court narrowed the parameters of the Miranda decision (requiring the familiar warning that begins "You have the right to remain silent."), asserting that criminal suspects must now explicitly state to police that they're invoking their right to remain silent. Dissenting justices wrote that the decision turns Miranda "upside down."

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