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blueWho’s to Blame? Motorcycle Safety and Sharing The Road

We’ve seen them driving at full throttle with seemingly no worries in the world. This is what is so attractive about motorcycle driving - the feeling of freedom and power. This is a lethal combination because it can distract a motorcycle driver from motorcycle safety rules.

blueSoft Tissue Injuries after an Automobile Accident

Many people believe that the seriousness of a passenger's injuries in an automobile accident may be discerned from the extent to which the automobile has been damaged. That is, if the damage to the car is minimal, then the injuries suffered by the passengers must be minimal, too. But those who have been involved in low-impact and rear-end collisions know this is not always the case.

blueFamily's Tragedy Leads to Toyota Recalls and Lawsuits

The numbers are adding up. And they do not appear to favor Toyota. The automaker has recalled over eight million vehicles — more than six million in the U.S. — because of problems with acceleration and braking.

blueDog Bite Attacks in Pennsylvania - How Do I Know if I Have a Case for Damages?

In Pennsylvania, there are specific laws for confinement of dogs.

blueHow a California Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help to Get You a Loan Modification

If you a having issues with your mortgage, its best to consult with an attorney.

blueWhat is Genuine Interest? - Peru

     By Estudio Delion SRL
Article 147 of the Andean Regulation says that during opposition proceedings, the owner of or applicant for a trademark previously filed in any of the Andean community countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru) has the right to file an opposition against any similar or identical trademark applied for in another Andean country.

blueWhat Can Be Done to Reduce Medical Errors?

For many years, hospitals have had a reputation for hiding mistakes. Recently, a few hospitals have started to admit to mistakes, apologizing and attempting to fix what went wrong.

blueSanta Clarita Valley lawyer, Mason Rashtian, discusses how GAP insurance can protect you when financing a car

     By The Mason Law Firm
The State of California requires that motorists carry liability insurance. However, there are other types of insurance which, although not required by motorists to carry, can help protect one in case of an accident. Some of these types of insurance are more known than others, such as uninsured motorist coverage. However, some of less known, such as GAP Insurance.

greenSouth Carolina Strong Armed Robbery

This article provides an introduction to the South Carolina criminal charge of Strong Armed Robbery.

blueFlorida’s Five-Finger Discount Policies

Florida is a popular retreat destination for honeymooners, families, college students and aspiring thieves.

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