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blueThe Legal Remedy in a Los Angeles Freeway Chain Collision

     By Mesriani Law Group
A chain collision is a type of motor vehicle accident wherein two or more vehicles crash against each other which may also affect other vehicles travelling on the same road.

blueFear of Filing for Bankruptcy?

The author addresses the fears of filing for Bankruptcy.

blueHow to Stop Wage Garnishments

The author discusses how to stop wage garnishments.

blueTax Harmonization Is Not Music to the Ears - Canada

The Ontario attempt to harmonize its provincial sales tax regime with the federal GST has the charity sector struggling to understand the impact these sweeping changes will have on the various types of charities within the sector.

blueCape Town Convention

The Cape Town Convention is an international agreement that strives to provide a much clearer structure for international aviation finance. The Cape Town Convention augments the Chicago convention which was the primary source of regulation to governing the registration of airframes, aircraft, and helicopters. The Chicago convention only provided a very loose framework of international law regarding the nationality of aircraft.

blueSeniors – Planning Ahead is Key to Financial Stability

Recently, there was a case in the news of a Brooks Astor, a New York socialite, who is now 104 years old. Her grandson is in a heated battle to remove his dad as Mrs. Astor's caregiver. In court papers that were filed, the grandson accused his father of ignoring Mrs. Astor's health and personal needs and requested a friend of Mrs. Astor's be appointed as her guardian.

blueGiving Something Back, a Wise Investment

Business people generally get a bad rap in the general press and the movies trying to make the business of making money a bad thing. The reality is that many businesses that are successful have a genuine desire to give back to the community, which they do in many ways.

blueConsider a Donor Advised Fund

Many people give small amounts to numerous charities, without considering whether and how to give more of their total charitable gifts to those organizations that assist in dealing with issues near and dear to their heart, which may range from scholarships to educational institutions, research on cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, mentoring programs, helping children, humane societies, to name but a few.

blueBeware of Advertisements on Tax Reductions

Most probably you have heard ads on the radio or seen spots on the television for businesses who claim to be able to help taxpayers who are behind on their tax liabilities. The ads claim that they are able to represent the taxpayers and can settle cases for pennies on the dollar. The ads chime—why pay more?

blueWhat to Do after Retirement

Now that you have made the decision to retire (or the decision was made for you by the company that you worked for as a result of the economy), it is time to decide what to do with your life.

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