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blueThe Legal Remedy in a Los Angeles Freeway Chain Collision

     By Mesriani Law Group
A chain collision is a type of motor vehicle accident wherein two or more vehicles crash against each other which may also affect other vehicles travelling on the same road.

blueFear of Filing for Bankruptcy?

The author addresses the fears of filing for Bankruptcy.

blueHow to Stop Wage Garnishments

The author discusses how to stop wage garnishments.

blueTax Harmonization Is Not Music to the Ears - Canada

The Ontario attempt to harmonize its provincial sales tax regime with the federal GST has the charity sector struggling to understand the impact these sweeping changes will have on the various types of charities within the sector.

blueCape Town Convention

The Cape Town Convention is an international agreement that strives to provide a much clearer structure for international aviation finance. The Cape Town Convention augments the Chicago convention which was the primary source of regulation to governing the registration of airframes, aircraft, and helicopters. The Chicago convention only provided a very loose framework of international law regarding the nationality of aircraft.

blueThe Giving Spirit Meets the Tax Advisor - Canada

This year may be particularly beneficial for individuals in the latter category because of the unique opportunity afforded donors in the Conservative government's tax changes announced in the May 2006 budget. The most prominent of the changes allowed for the donation of shares in public companies to public charities (i.e. all but private foundations) on a tax free basis.

blueCharities - Be Careful What You Ask For! - Canada

After the 2006 Budget, many observers expected that the elimination of tax on the donation of publicly listed securities to "public" charities would be extended to private foundations, and, indeed, Budget 2007 lived up to this prediction.

blueCanadian Charities Operating Overseas

Overseas operation is fundamental to the operation of many charities, especially religious charities, and so it is important for these charities to have a good understanding of the law regarding carrying out charitable activities overseas. Given that the government subsidizes registered charities to the extent that it gives tax credits for the amount donated, it should not be surprising that the CRA attempts to exert as much control over funds spent overseas as funds spent domestically.

blueDisputes with the CRA - Canada

Since June 2005, the Canada Revenue Agency has had the power to impose penalties on charities for breaking certain rules which stop short of revoking the charity's registered status. These intermediate penalties range from a $500 penalty for not filing a charitable information return to paying 110% of an undue benefit bestowed upon a third party.

blueInsuring' the Financial Success of Charities - Canada

It is important for charities to be flexible in their thinking when raising funds. In this way, charities may be able to amass donations of items they would otherwise never have sought let alone receive. One such area that deserves further focus by charities is that involving life insurance.

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