5 Duties of Every Driver

Drive reasonably: In order to do this and arrive safely at your destination, there are five duties every driver on the road has. If any of these are broken and cause an accident, the offending driver can be found to have been negligent and thus, responsible for the accident.

Stay safe on the road and follow the very basic driving duties:

1. Duty to drive at a reasonable speed

Every driver on the road has a duty to drive at a reasonable, safe speed. What constitutes a safe speed is determined more by traffic conditions, weather conditions, road conditions and visibility.

Posted speed limits are maximum speeds one can lawfully drive provided all road and weather conditions are ideal.

2. Duty to be aware of your surroundings

Drivers also have a duty to remain alert and be aware of their environment around their vehicle. They must be on the lookout for other vehicles, pedestrians and road hazards.

For example, a reasonable and prudent person slows down around a construction or school zone. Those who don’t take steps to be aware of their surroundings put themselves and others at risk – and can be considered negligent as well.

3. Duty to maintain control of the car

Every driver on the road has the duty to maintain control of their vehicle (e.g. being able to stop quickly). If a car loses control for no apparent reason, negligence on the part of the driver can be proven in a Colorado car accident lawsuit.

4. Duty to maintain and use vehicle’s equipment

Drivers also have a duty to keep their vehicles maintained and in safe operating condition. All lights and brakes need to be working properly.

Worn brakes or non-functioning lights for example pose a danger to other drivers on the road that can result in a terrible accident.

5. Duties imposed by laws in Colorado

Drivers in Colorado and around the country are subject to laws that codify other duties a driver on the road has to abide by. If these laws are violated, a negligence/car accident claim can be made against the offending party. Examples of these include:

* Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
* Right of way laws for pedestrians
* Driving on the wrong side of the road

These are just a few examples of driving laws that represent a duty on the part of drivers to follow.

If you think another driver that hit you and caused injuries and damage to your vehicle broke any these duties of reasonable care, you have grounds to sue them for compensation.

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