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blueWhat to Ask When Hiring a Kentucky Divorce Attorney

The author discusses factors you should look at before hiring a divorce attorney.

blueDetermining Workers' Compensation Eligibility

Have you been seriously injured at work? Learn about how workplace compensation disability eligibility is determined, and how to properly file your claim.

blueSecond Marriages and Protecting Your Children - Canada

The author reviews Ontario’s laws of inheritance in the context of second marriages. He addresses the risk to implementing a person's testamentary intentions. For example, in Ontario, under certain circumstances a new marriage revokes previous wills, the failure to provide full and frank disclosure may invalidate a domestic contract and a court may still order a deceased’s estate to pay support to a dependant regardless of any agreement made to the contrary.

blueCanada: an Attractive Jurisdiction for High Net Worth Indiduals?

     By Rogerson Law Group
The author looks at the advantages of immigration to Canada.

greenCompensations Arising from Traffic Accidents Resulted in Death and Injury as regard to Turkish Law

     By Cindemir Law Office
In this article, you can find relevant responses for the questions concerning traffic accidents. Compensation and civil law procedure is explained with details in accordance with Turkish Law.

blueRemoving a Second Mortgage from Your Home

Bankruptcy can allow you to remove a second mortgage from your home. If your home is underwater you may qualify to have your second mortgage removed.

blueA Safe Harbor for Educational Use of Copyrighted Works. The Teach Act

Distance learning has become an increasingly popular means of teaching educational topics to students on-line in undergraduate, graduate and professional development venues. Such distance learning classes strive to match the face-to-face classroom learning experience, which often incorporate display of copyrighted materials,1 in particular digital formatted works, such as photographs, sound recordings and movies to supplement and fortify the learning experience.

blueHow Prior Art Searches Can Help You Develop and Protect Your Intellectual Property?

The term “prior art” encompasses what is known to the public before a certain time, usually, what is known prior to development of an invention. Prior art includes articles, domestic and foreign published patent applications and issued patents, lectures, slide shows, books, and the like. A prior art search allows you to gain a better understanding of the state of the prior art prior to filing a patent application or releasing a new product to the market.

bluePatented Product for Horses or Halloween Costumes?

With over 9 million horses in the United States and over 58 million horses worldwide, many savvy entrepreneurs have sought patent protection for their equine related inventions. For example, horses can be severely bothered by flies and other insects especially when the insects fly into the horse’s eyes. The headlined photographs illustrate two examples of “fly masks” which could be used to combat such eye irritation, at least one of which was patented.

blueLessons from Thomas' English Muffins. Are Your Company’s Secrets Safe?

For over one hundred years, Thomas’ English Muffins has been making its english muffins with the famous “nooks and crannies.” Until this year, Thomas’ probably thought its secret to the muffin was safe. However, Chris Botticella, a former senior vice president for Bimbo Foods, the owner of Thomas’ English Muffins, is involved in a lawsuit with his former employer after he accepted a job with its competitor Hostess.

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