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Turkish Law Update - Turkish lawyers, Attorneys, Solicitors

     By Ketenci & Ketenci

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Law Firm in Istanbul: Ketenci & Ketenci
Turkish law belongs to the Civil law family system, and the development of modern law in Turkey was initially commenced through to the latest decades of 18th Century. Thus, Turkish law was derived notably from German, Swiss and Italian law systems. Whereas it continuously is being amended in accordance with the EU laws and regulations nowadays.

Accordingly, lawyers in Turkey are actually named as ‘Avukat’ as they are able to act as Advocates in France, and may also act as both Solicitors and Barristers as they are in the UK when considering their presence in the Courts. Nevertheless, Turkish lawyers are usually called as Attorneys in international legal jargon, and Turkish Solicitors is also very widely used.

Despite the long efforts to internationalize the Turkish law, there are still only a few firms in Turkey yet advising on international level. In addition, according to Turkish Bar Associations’ current regulations, foreign firms are strictly prohibited to launch offices in Turkey themselves, as it is a must to be admitted to the Turkish Bar to act as a lawyer in Turkey or to form a Turkish law firm.

In that sense, Ketenci&Ketenci was initially founded by Turkish lawyers whom already possess an international approach in an attempt to fill an important gap; to provide advice on international level, while keeping the top-level professionalism.

We now stand amongst the prominent Turkish law firms in Turkey having clients internationally. As of 2010; approximately 85% of our clients comes from different countries worldwide; from Europe, US, South America, China and Australia.

At Ketenci&Ketenci, we are fully committed to our clients’satisfaction; be it on corporate or individual level. We act as a full service Turkish Business law firm and provide advice on several law areas.

We also offer a significant advice on investment in Turkey.

Ketenci&Ketenci’s corporate practice comprises a dedicated team who have a vast experience on company law and mergers and acquisitions. Company formations are finalised within a week only. Due diligence procedures, M&A(s), Joint Ventures are conducted with utmost carefulness, and the shareholders agreements are drafted accordingly.

Litigation is also delicately handled within the firm; most of the times, we initially attempt to create a possible out of court settlement and look for negotiations with the other parties when possible, whereas we carry out and follow the whole procedure before the Turkish Courts in case this is needed essentially.

Our shipping/transportation practice is conducted by the highly renowned Turkish maritime lawyers. Also, we work with a team of qualified debt collectors on debt recovery in Turkey. In addition, we work closely with prominent professors on EU and International law matters.

We are mainly based in Istanbul, the financial capital of Turkey, and have affiliate and associate offices in Turkey and throughout Europe. In case of urgency, we are able to act promptly throughout Turkey as we work closely with expert Turkish lawyers based in major towns; Ankara, Izmir, Bodrum, Bursa, Eskisehir, Adana and Mersin. Also, thanks to our international reach, we are able to provide legal services around Europe and the US.

We are able to advise in several languages: Turkish, English, Italian and French. Note that, in case a need arises for a Turkish speaking lawyer in your home country, you may also get in touch with us.

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AUTHOR: Güvenç Ketenci

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