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blueUnderstanding Your Bankruptcy: What Does the Trustee Do?

If you're filing for consumer bankruptcy, you've probably already done a bit of research about how bankruptcy works. Learn more about the role of the trustee in your case, the U.S. Trustee in the bankruptcy system.

blueEnforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Hungary

In international commercial relations parties tend to submit their future disputes to arbitral boards in an independent jurisdiction. The purpose is clear, parties are looking for a swift, factual and independent solution to their possible future disputes. On the other hand however separating the place of legal procedure and the place of enforcement may cause difficulties in enforcing an award. In this article we describe two possibilities to enforce a foreign arbitral award in Hungary.

blueWills in Bulgaria

According to Bulgarian Inheritance Act each person who has rounded 18 years and is not under full interdict due to dementia and is capable to act reasonably can dispose with his property with a will.

blueWhat to Do if You Get a DUI?

Discusses a strategy to use for the potential client who has either been stopped by police and mistakenly suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose bad judgment has led them to be the focus of a DUI investigation.

bluePennsylvania Field Sobriety Testing

In Pennsylvania, an officer often conducts field sobriety testing prior to asking a driver to submit to a roadside breath test and making an arrest, whether the driver is suspected of intoxication during a traffic stop, sobriety checkpoint or saturation patrol.

greenDealing with a Large Amount of Debt?

     By James H. Monroe, PA
The current economic conditions have led many people to face the issue of debt. There are many factors that contribute to financial difficulties. Among them are the burst of the housing bubble, job loss, layoffs, divorce and significant medical expenses. Luckily, the government provides an opportunity for those who are drowning in debt to get their heads back above water through bankruptcy.

blueShould I Settle My Auto Accident Case Or Litigate?

After the insurance company for the responsible driver has made their final offer to settle your personal injury claim, you must decide whether you should accept the offer or file suit against the responsible driver.

greenVisitation Across the Miles Just Got A Little Bit Easier

So-called "virtual visitation" is poised to revolutionize family courts across America. Technology has done more than widen our social circles - Skype and similar web-based video chat and telephone sites are helping parents keep a meaningful relationship with their children in spite of the distance separating them.

blueInjured Oil Rig Workers File Third-Party Actions

On the heels of 29 deaths from a Virginia coal mine collapse and 11 deaths from the Gulf oil rig explosion comes the question of whether third parties can be held liable in work-related injuries.

greenShift From Paper to Electronic Medical Records: Cause for Concern?

From banking and managing finances to shopping and ordering pizza, almost everything these days is done electronically. Not every sector of society has been quick to embrace the electronic age, however. The medical community has remained behind the digital curve.

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