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blueRacial Discrimination at Work Explained

     By Mesriani Law Group
As defined by the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, race discrimination is any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or preference based on an individual’s race, color, descent, or national and ethnic origin.

blueHomeowner's Insurance Terminology You Should Know

     By Falk & Falk, PA
Homeowner's policies aren't the easiest to understand. Here is a brief explanation of just a few of the most frequently used terms.

blueImmunity of Postal Authority Does Not Apply as a Banking Corporation - Israel

Recently, the Magistrate's Court of Hadera discussed the question of the liability of the Postal Authority in the field of providing banking services.

blueCustoms Holds Goods that Violate Intellectual Property Rights - Israel

Recently, the question of the liability of customs relating to handling the infringing goods was discussed by the District Court of Petah Tiqwa.

blueShould the Confession of a Person Accused of Tax Crimes Be Admissible? - Israel

Recently, the Magistrate's Court in Ashdod was asked to discuss the admissibility of a statement given in the course of the interrogation of a suspect in tax-related offenses, including theft, conspiracy to commit a crime, accepting property obtained criminally, and evasion of tariff payments owed.

blueLicensing Clerk: Your Employee Steals Open Checks, Who is Liable? - Israel

Recently, the Magistrate's Court of Tel Aviv discussed the liability of an employer for theft committed by one of his employees, of checks of the customs representation company.

blueServing Court Papers for an Importer from the Palestinian Authority

For the court to be able to conduct the action of a plaintiff against a defendant, a duty rests upon the plaintiff to serve the defendant with the statement of claim. Without proper service, the court cannot discuss the action. But sometimes doing so is complicated or even impossible.

greenMarriage in Thailand for Filipinos

Congratulations! So you have chosen to marry your lovely Filipina bride in the Land of Smiles. It is definitely the best decision if you are looking forward to a simpler and more straightforward marriage registration procedure. What more, your marriage in Thailand is recognized worldwide as long as long as it is legally registered at the Thai district office.

greenBringing Your Yacht to Thailand: the Legal Formalities

In 2003, the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand decided to designate the southern resort island of Phuket as one of Asia’s major Yachting & Marina destinations. This decision has undeniably spurred world-wide interest in Phuket’s yachting industry. Thailand today hosts a number of sailing regattas, foremost of which is the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta. And Phuket will also host in early January 2011 the annual Phuket International Marine Expo (PIMEX).

greenGetting Married in Thailand for Vietnamese Citizens

Getting married in Thailand is fast becoming the trend for couples who are looking for simple and straightforward marriage procedure. This is of course apart from the country's inherent romantic appeal. Vienamese and their fiancees are among those love birds coming to the Kingdom of Thailand to tie the knot. In this article, we will find out how can Vietnamese get married in the Land of Smiles.

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