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greenSteps to Take before Proceeding on Legal Actions on Water Damage/Mold Exposure

From a medical expert witness' perspective, I believe certain preliminary steps a law firm should consider undertaking before taking on a client who claims to have suffered illnesses from water damage/mold exposure. This is not intended to offer any legal advice but suggestions which may help you to decide whether the case may be valid or not. Obviously the ultimate decision can only be made by your medical expert. Remember that not everyone who is exposed to water damage or molds gets ill.

blueForeign Investments Entry Vehicles to China

     By Pamir Law Group
Unlike in some western societies where one form of company can be used for a broad unlimited business scope, in China different corporate structures are used for different purposes. It is important to understand the structural options to avoid trying to cram a round peg through a square hole.

blueTypes of U.S. Foreclosure Proceedings

With the collapse of the real estate market, the word “foreclosure” has unfortunately become an often used word in the English language. This article will provide information about the types of foreclosures found in various states and how they work.

blueCalifornia's Short Sale Legislation

This past summer the California Legislature approved Senate Bill 931 (SB 931) amending Code of Civil Procedure CCP §580e to provide for anti-deficiency protection to certain short sales.

blueThe Joint Tenancy Deed

The joint tenancy deed is one of the best tools to transfer real estate between spouses, partners and heirs. Its principal characteristic and its advantage over holding title as a tenant in common, is that a joint tenancy deed transfers title immediately upon the death. This is known as the right of survivorship.

blueForeclosure and the Bankruptcy Stay

While there are many reasons for the rise in bankruptcy filings, with working families falling victim to job losses, the collapse in the real estate market and plunging home values is one of the principal reasons for the rise in filings.

blueCan I Walk Away from My Mortgage?

The current housing crisis and the fact the a good majority of homeowners are "underwater" has resulted in the many, many homeowners asking the question whether or not it is wise to "walk away" from their mortgage.

blue2011 Tax Legislation

A brief summary of the new tax legislation passed by Congress.

blueAlcohol Related Personal Injury Cases: DUI in Cars, Bikes, and Boats

     By Mesriani Law Group
DUI or driving under the influence, is an offense commonly associated with drinking and driving on the road. This is however, a misconception that has led many people into legal trouble or accidents because of their lack of knowledge or awareness of it.

blueHow Will a DUI, Felony or Misdemeanor Affect My Nursing Licence?

Does a nurse need to report felonies and misdemeanors not directly related to the practice of the profession, such as DUIs?

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