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blueUnfair Dismissals Know your Rights as an Employee - South Africa

     By SNA Attorneys
Many dismissed employees are left wondering if their dismissal is unfair in terms of our legislation. It is always important to know your rights and what your options are if you are one of those unfortunate individuals who find themselves suddenly unemployed and struggling to make ends meet.

bluePost Nuptial Agreements - South Africa

     By SNA Attorneys
Although most couples are encouraged to complete an ante nuptial contract before getting married, some couples only decide after being married that they would like to change the matrimonial property system applicable to their marriage. In these cases they would have to complete a post nuptial contract, which is a highly complex procedure.

blueAdoption in South Africa

     By SNA Attorneys
For some individuals who cannot have their own children for whatever reason, adoption is the best option for them to build a family of their own.

blueMinnesota Divorce: Can't We Just Agree?

A discussion from a Minnesota divorce attorney about issues surrounding "extra-judicial agreements" and the ability of parents to agree to family law issues outside of the Courts, especially pertaining to minor children.

blueStricter Motorcycle Helmet Laws: A Focus for the NTSB in 2011

     By Karney Law Firm
North Carolina law requires all bikers to wear an approved helmet while riding. This requirement was signed into law in 1968 after the federal government tied the receipt of federal highway funds to the passage of a state's universal helmet law.

blueFor Survivors of a Fallen Biker: Wrongful Death Claims in NC

     By Karney Law Firm
In 2008, a staggering 159 motorcyclists were killed in North Carolina. Those fallen bikers are not just statistics; they were loved people that families and friends tragically and unexpectedly lost.

blueSharing the Road: Tips to Stay Safe on North Carolina Highways

     By Karney Law Firm
The number of motorcycle riders has increased in recent years and it is easy to see why: motorcycles are fun to ride, less expensive than cars and more fuel efficient.

blueEx-Marine Receives $2 Million for Motorcycle Accident Settlement

     By Karney Law Firm
A 24-year-old former marine was enjoying life as a civilian when his life unexpectedly changed.

blueSafety First: Avoiding Injuries As A Motorcycle Passenger

     By Karney Law Firm
For those with a casual interest in motorcycles, riding as a passenger can be a perfect opportunity.

greenUnderstanding Commercial Leases

In this article the author explains the basics of commercial leases.

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