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greenRecent Developments in Russian Clearing and Netting Legislation

Federal law 7-FZ “On clearing and clearing activity” dated 7 February 2011 and Federal law 8-FZ “On implementation of amendments to certain Russian laws in compliance with the Federal law “On clearing and clearing activity” dated 7 February 2011 (“the new clearing legislation”) have been adopted by the State Duma, approved by the Federal Council, signed by the President and officially published. They will enter into force on 1 January 2012.

greenInternational Sales: Standard Forms and Incoterms

The author explains about the advantages of contracting on standard form contracts and using shipping terms, including Incoterms.

greenThe Weaknesses of the Mauritian Banking System

     By Wortels Lexus
The figures brought forward by our economists and the various statistics demonstrate the brightness of the banking sector in Mauritius. International and local papers usually praise such performance by using the figures as common denominator. On the other hand, is there anybody caring of the well being of the banks’ customer ?

blueImportant Things to Know When Getting Representation for Social Security Claims

     By Mesriani Law Group
All social security benefits claimants have the right to have a representative when going through the process of their application.

blueEasy Steps to Protect Your Website from Being Copied

     By Jaburg Wilk
Website copying is common because of the popular myth that if something is on the Internet; it is in the "public domain" and therefore can be used by anyone.

blueThe Creativity Test and the “Effort” Test in the Issue of Copyright- An Update from Court - Israel

The appellants manage the football leagues in Britain and each year they hold a tournament in which the teams in each league play against each other.

blueDisinfection of Wooden Packages and Surfaces – Israel

One of the subjects in the field of international trade which has international regulation that is not a taxes or tariffs matter, is the subject of disinfection of wooden packages.

bluePayment of Financial Forfeit and Payment under Protests - Notes and Clarifications - Israel

As we know, an importer who wishes to import goods into Israel must pay the charged import taxes on the subject. At the same time, depending on the subject, in many cases he must meet regulations set by the governmental body responsible for this matter – generally, the various governmental offices or the Standards Institute. The various requirements for each type of goods are specified, among other places, in the Free Import Order.

blueDuty to Report Money Being Brought Into or Out of Israel

According to the Money Laundering Prohibition Law, and the Prohibition on Money Laundering Ordinances (Methods of Reporting Monies Entering and Leaving Israel) 5761-2001, it is mandatory to report the flow of money in and out of Israel.

blueJail Sentences for Those Who Lower Prices to Minimize Customs Payments - Israel

Recently a verdict was issued by the Magistrate's Court of Tel Aviv discussing the harshness of punishment for those convicted of tax offenses.

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