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greenICAC Russia: Legal Status of Arbitrators, Advantages, Filing a Statement of Claim

The International Commercial Arbitration Court at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the leading arbitration court in Russia and in East European countries which deals with resolving disputes of international character; it is the successor of the Foreign Trade Arbitration Commission (FTAC), created legislatively in 1932.

blueUpdate: Important Tips for H-1B Filings in 2011

With April 1, 2011 rapidly approaching, there are several important issues employers should be aware of this H-1B filing season. Several new procedures and laws were implemented affecting the H-1B petition process in 2010. Employers should be aware and of these changes and ready before the 2012 fiscal year filing season begins.

blueGet Hard Evidence by Taking Photos of the Accident

The use of pictures has become an increasing force in the determination of an accident and the claims process. Pictures clearly portray the incident without any chance of inconsistent recounting of the accident.

blueWhat is Exactly Fair Use?

     By IP Law Click, PC
Defending against copyright infringement.

greenPerspectives of the Eurozone’s Future

The presentation of a “Pact of Competitiveness” at the EU summit on 4 February by Germany and France was the plan for the Eurozone Member States to agree on a closer economic convergence in order to restore competitiveness to the euro area.

blueMost Common Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment

     By Mesriani Law Group
Most people have an idea of what sexual harassment is – after all, there’s Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the movie Disclosure and Obsession, and well, the law, specifically Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

blueChild Custody in Florida: An Overview of the Court Decision Making Process

There is nothing more important in your Family Law Matter than the well-being of your children. A close second is continuing to foster and build a strong relationship with your children, even if you are not the primary residential parent. Below we discuss some of the considerations the Courts make when determining the child custody arrangement with the child.

blueHeroin Use Increasing among Utah Teens

Low cost, savvy marketing and easy availability have made heroin the recent drug of choice for youths around the country, including Utah's Wasatch Front. Police have been alarmed by the level of sophistication involved in the drug rings, and the young age of the clientele.

blueControversy Surrounding "No Refusal" Policy for DUI Suspects

Traditionally on New Year's Eve partygoers like to have a champagne toast to ring in the next year. For many, celebrations and drinking with friends and family continue long into the evening.

blueMontel Williams Fighting for Medical Marijuana Laws

Montel Williams, former talk show host, passionately advocated to lawmakers about the need for the legalization of medical marijuana in Maryland. For years, Williams has suffered from excruciating neuropathic pain because of multiple sclerosis. He has found marijuana to be the only drug to alleviate his suffering.

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