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blueStarting a Business in a Bad Economy

How a Business Attorney Can Help: A Legal Guide to Owning a Business.

blueCostco v. Omega, 562 US, Per Curiam: Are Foreign-sold Gray Market Goods Eempt from the First Sale Doctrine?

In Costco v. Omega, the Ninth Circuit held that the first sale doctrine was not available as a defense to unauthorized importation and distribution of a U.S. copyrighted work that was first made or sold outside of the U.S. under the authorization of the copyright owner because the Copyright Act does not extend to activity outside the U.S.

greenAttorneys with Portable Business: 10 Factors to Consider Before Making a Lateral Move: Update 2011

     By MNF Global
10 factors to consider before an attorney with portable business makes a lateral move to a law firm.

greenThe Obligations of International Organisations When Investigating on Informal Complaints of Harassment

     By Lorenz
On February 2, 2011, the ILO Tribunal rendered two judgments dealing with cases of harassment within international organisations. The Tribunal ruled that the claims challenging the sufficiency of the investigations carried out by the organisation at stake were admissible and allocated damages to the applicants, although the complaints were initially lodged in an informal way only.

blueIs There Insurance Coverage if I Am Bit by a Dog?

In Pennsylvania, dog bites would be covered under the dog owner's homeowner's insurance, as long as there isn't an exclusion.

blueTexting while Driving

Proponents of a law banning texting argue that legislation will decrease accidents. But opponents contend that it's nearly impossible to enforce any anti-texting law, since for an officer to prove a violation, the driver must consent to a check of the phone log. That or the officer must present a search warrant, which is unlikely in a simple traffic stop.

blueDefective Products & Swimming Pool Accidents

Product-related water injuries – that is, injuries independent of any individual’s negligence -- constitutes a liability claim. The seller or manufacturer of the equipment becomes liable, and open to lawsuit.

blueDealing With Insurance Companies After an Accident

For some Americans, their car -- not their home -- is their castle. So having an accident destroys not just the car’s sheet metal, but the owner’s peace of mind. Not to mention the possibility of injury.

blueTruck Accident Company Liability Following an Accident

The difference in size between the average passenger car and a truck means the average accident always favors the truck driver, with injuries typically sustained by operator or passengers of the car. If there is a collision, chances are good there will be serious injuries to motorists.

blueWho Is Entitled to Wrongful Death Benefits

Traditionally, wrongful death lawsuits are exclusively filed by spouses or other members of immediate family. Blood relation or legal marriage has been the criteria for the survivors filing suits on behalf of those killed by negligence or recklessness.

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