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blueHow Do You Know if Your Parent Needs Long-Term Care?

When you hear the term ďlong-term careĒ, itís easy for your mind to automatically jump to the image of a nursing home, but this isnít necessarily accurate

blue401(k) Loans Hit a New High

Itís quite a figure: according to the Wall Street Journal, 30% of 401(k) owners now have a loan outstanding.

blueHave a Family Business? You Need a Succession Plan

When you own a business, you pour an immense amount of time and energy into making sure it is successful

blue Judging the Judgments: Collecting Compensation and Problems you may encounter

     By Mesriani Law Group
The first and foremost thing that one must not do when suing is to get blinded by the potential amount of compensation that he may receive when ďall is said and doneĒ in the court. In personal injury, employment, and social security matters, it is important to consider not only the figures which one may receive as final indemnification to the damage, but also the ability of the defendant to pay it once you win the case.

greenE. coli Outbreak

Our Michigan food poisoning lawyers represent those who have been sickened by food poisoning.

blueIs A Last Will The Right Choice?

One of the things that you are going to have to decide upon when you are planning your estate is the primary vehicle or vehicles of asset transfer that you want to utilize.

blueSmall Business Partnerships & Succession Planning

When you are a partner in a small business succession planning can be a bit tricky.

blueGift Tax Exemptions

There are gifts that you can give to people, other than your spouse, that are not subject to the Federal Gift Tax

blueShould Your Child Inherit Money While They Are Young?

Once your child reaches 18 years of age, they are legally considered to be an adult

greenSetting Up a Representative Office in Thailand

Foreign investors and companies who would like to set up a 100% foreign owned company in Thailand may resort to establishing a Thai representative office with reference to its main office elsewhere outside Thailand.

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