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blueMaryland Accident Claim: The Boulevard Rule

What is the Boulevard Rule? Maryland’s Boulevard Rule applies to all “through highways” and major roadways where intersections are controlled by stop and yield signs.

greenProtection of Well Known Trademarks in India

     By Global Jurix
Protection of well known trademarks by the New Act is in recognition of the more modern concepts of trademark protection. Though the Indian Courts were actively protecting well known Trademarks, Statutory protection is a step in the right direction.

greenProcedure for Registration of Copyrights in India

     By Global Jurix
It is not necessary to register a copyright for claiming the copyright. The acquisition of copyright is automatic and it does not require any formality. However, certificate of registration of copyright and the entries made therein serve as prima-facie evidence in a court of law with reference to dispute relating to ownership of copyright.

blueWhat Is Probate? - UK

People are often embarrassed to ask "what is probate?" because they feel they ought to know the answer. This article explains it.

blueA Look at Negligence Laws in Relation to Car Accidents

One of the most important factors in any legal case involving car accidents in Chicago, IL is negligence. Illinois negligence laws will affect not only who can be held liable, but also may determine the type of compensation that is recoverable.

blueYour Nursing Home Neglect Claim Settlement and Public Aid and Medicare

An Illinois nursing home neglect claim settlement can be impacted by Medicare or Public Aid payments for medical bills.

blueNursing Home Neglect as a Result of Failure to Follow Nursing Home Regulations

Resident care is of utmost importance, and when nursing homes violate the nursing home regulations in Illinois you may need to file an Illinois nursing home neglect claim.

blueDoppler Ultrasound Spots Milk Allergy in Babies

Doppler ultrasound can help determine if a baby is allergic to cow’s milk based on the thickness and blood-vessel density in the bowel wall, a team of Brazilian researchers has found.

greenA Comparison of Self-Funded and Insured Health and Welfare Plans

Employee welfare benefit plans can be either fully insured, or self-funded. This article explains and compares the differences between the two types.

bluePlanning for Young Parents with Children

Young married couples who have just had their first child understand that the joys of parenthood come with great responsibility. These young parents want to do the best for their child by planning ahead for their future, and by making sure that the child will be secure no matter what happens.

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