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blueEstate Plan Updates May Be Called for

It is important to understand the fact that the initial estate plan that you put in place is probably not going to be appropriate forever. If you were to visit with an estate planning attorney when you are a young adult you may execute advance health care directives, put together a last will, and make sure that you have adequate life insurance coverage.

greenExchange of Tax Information between the Czech Republic and the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man and the Czech Republic signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) on 18 July to regulate and facilitate the exchange of tax information between them. The TIEA will enter into force after both parties have completed all required ratification procedures and exchanged corresponding notifications. Most of its provisions will then take effect immediately, with the remainder taking effect on the following 1 January.

blueMotorcycles Versus Passenger Cars

The public often perceives motorcyclists as reckless renegades with no concern for the safety of others. However, according to motorcycle accident statistics, it is not the actions of a motorcycle rider but the actions of a passenger vehicle driver that are the main cause of motorcycle collisions nationwide.

blueAnd Now, Speaking on Behalf of Big Insurance: The Texas Supreme Court

     By Bailey & Galyen
Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme Court once again cast its arms around Big Business and shoved Texans out the door.

blueChevy Cruze: Top Selling Car Thanks to Bankruptcy!

     By Bailey & Galyen
Many who read the headline of this article might question the premise of a bankruptcy leading to the hottest selling car in the world. It would be a stretch if this was a fictional story. The amazing thing about this article is that it is absolutely true.

blueTexas Supreme Court Guts Consumer Class Action Protections

     By Bailey & Galyen
Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 42 specifically authorizes Texas citizens to bring class action lawsuits. A case cannot be pursued as a class action, however, until a Texas trial court determines and certifies that the requirements of Rule 42 have been met.

blueThe Judiciary’s Role in Shaping SSA

     By Bailey & Galyen
Social Security was created by FDR in 1935 as a part of the New Deal plan. This program was created to assist aging workers in the post-depression era economy.

blueThe Discovery Process

     By Bailey & Galyen
In a divorce, it is often necessary to conduct “discovery” – which is the method by which a party can “discover” information about the other party that is relevant to the divorce. Conducting discovery allows us to obtain full disclosure of particular facts, such as income and liabilities of the parties, the value of certain assets of the parties, and facts relevant to child custody and support issues.

blueTexas Drug Convictions and their Immigration Consequences

     By Bailey & Galyen
Any Texas drug conviction carries very harsh consequences for Immigration purposes. A conviction for a drug conviction makes you inadmissible to the United States for both entry and permanent residency. Moreover, it also makes you deportable. However, certain noncitizens with one simple possession can avoid some of the harsh consequences.

blueTraffic Laws You Should Know

     By Bailey & Galyen
The rules of the road in Texas are governed primarily by the Texas Transportation Code. This is the law, along with city ordinances, that police officers are trained to enforce. The only review of these laws for most Texas drivers was in their driver’s education course. Below are some of the traffic laws that are violated in very high numbers simply because drivers do not know that they are the law.

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