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blueMinneapolis Child Custody Information

     By KM Family Law
Issues of child custody and visitation are often the most emotional ones encountered during a divorce proceeding. Both parents are interested in the well-being of their children, but their beliefs and methods of upbringing may differ greatly.

greenLitigation Forcing Diversity

Diversity in the Fire Service is a challenge to all leadership. It appears that we have not moved very far in removing the discriminatory practices in our entry testing and promotions related to women and minorities. Litigation is forcing the fire service to adopt hiring practices that levels the playing field. If we are not careful, lawyers and judges will be hiring your next generation of firefighters.

blueIsraeli Tax and US LLC

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an important investment vehicle for Israelis who operate in the US. An LLC is a company incorporated under the laws of one of the US states. In practice, LLC’s are often formed in the state of Delaware for administrative ease. They are relatively cheap to form and run. An LLC does not have shareholders, but rather members.

blueOnline Data: The New Oil

     By Aaron Kelly Law
The author explains behavior marketing and its possible ramifications on people.

greenWhy Has Actos Been Linked to Bladder Cancer?

The diabetes drug Actos has been linked to bladder cancer. Actos acts as a foreign agent that can lead to mutated cells and cause cancerous tumors.

greenLiability-Driven Investing for Pension Plans

Pension plan administrators with responsibility for defined benefit plans are reducing their exposure to the equity markets by using more predictable investments, such as bonds, to fund future obligations. An increasingly popular investment technique to match plan assets with liabilities is known as “liability-driven investing” or LDI. This article provides an overview of liability-driven investing.

blueThree Strikes Law in California

The history explanation behind the California Three Strike Law.

blueFlorida False Claims Act

     By Berg & Androphy
The Florida False Claims Act was enacted in 1994.(1) The liability and damage provisions of the Florida FCA are identical to its federal counterpart, except for two key differences. This article will explain the key differences in this legislation and the various procedural requirements.

blueCalifornia False Claims Act

     By Berg & Androphy
California has independent qui tam laws and procedures. The California False Claims Act (the “CFCA”) was enacted in 1987, making it one of the oldest state false claims act. Numerous cases have been litigated pursuant to the California False Claims Act (the “California FCA”)1. Thus, California courts have had ample opportunity to interpret provisions of the California FCA.

greenIs a Statute of Limitations Flexible? A Recent Sexual Abuse Case Says It Is

Sexual abuse cases are highly emotional cases for not only the defendant, but the victim, too. Often, evidence of sexual abuse or a single act is kept secret by a victim for years because the victim does not want to relive the event or events in describing them to law enforcement.

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