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blueUnderstanding How to Prove the Causes of Back and Neck Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

Back and neck injuries are common results of trauma, but proving them in a personal injury case can be challenging.

bluePatent Infringement in Israel - Practical Guide

     By Fisher Weiler Jones
A guide on litigating a patent dispute in Israel.

greenOffer in Compromise - Is Pennies on the Dollar for Real?

Learn The Truth About The OIC Program - By now, most troubled taxpayers looking for a way to resolve their IRS debt have seen commercials from large tax debt relief services claiming taxpayers paid tens of thousands of dollars by paying only pennies on the dollar. Reactions to these commercials by taxpayers vary from "Wow I won’t have to pay all this tax debt" to "It's scam no one really gets out of paying that much money to the IRS".

blueArbitration, Mediation and Conciliation

Advantages of Alternative Methods of Settling Disputes - Ability to quickly design conflict arbitration agreements or by inserting arbitration clause in commercial contracts between parties either separately or compromise before the arbitration court.

blueThe Division of Marriage and Property in Florida

It is important to know and understand how the division of property works in your marriage. There are properties that will be considered marital property and properties that will be considered non-marital property.

blueUncovering Hidden Assets in a Divorce

Divorcing can be exceptionally tricky. Not only are you taking a life that was formally combined with someone else and separating it to a single’s life, but more often than not asset division is not agreed upon by both parties involved. Your Florida divorce attorney will be able to advise you and all matters regarding the division of assets.

blueLife Insurance in Estate Planning

Life insurance is a key component to the estate planning process. Gone are the days when life insurance was primarily thought of as a means to pay for funeral expenses and burials.

greenA New Profitable EU Immigration Policy

Given the new globalization effects in modern societies and the consequences of the financial crisis, EU adopted a new approach towards immigration policy. This European policy intends to establish bilateral and multilateral agreements with EU neighbors and other countries presenting immigration flows towards the EU, in order to benefit the human capital from the countries concerned.

greenOffshore Oil Drilling, Gas Exploration and Production on Activities in the EU

Introduction - Environmentally sustainable management at an international level requires reliable information on the natural environment, as well as sharing of knowledge on the social, economic, legal and political systems. Environmental impacts of human activities on the deep sea floor are of increasing international concern.

blueDavis Family Will Retain Ownership of Raiders

There are few if any National Football League franchise owners who had the type of long-term success that Al Davis was able to achieve.

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