How a Kansas City DUI Lawyer Defends Clients Arrested for DUI

When you are arrested for driving under the influence, you may believe your only option is to face the charges against you, particularly if you are guilty. A talented Kansas City DUI lawyer knows that there are often extenuating circumstances, and that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. When you are facing a possible conviction for driving under the influence, it is imperative that you seek legal guidance and representation from a capable Kansas City DUI attorney.

What can a lawyer do for you, and why shouldn't you just "face the music," so to speak? If you plead guilty and take your punishment, you will be left with a criminal record. You will also likely face stiff fines and jail time, loss of your driving privileges and possibly be required to attend drunk driving school. There are several reasons you should consult with a reputable Kansas City DUI lawyer, who can likely have the charges against you either dropped completely or reduced.

Early intervention is important; as soon as you have been arrested, refuse to answer questions or offer information to police. While it may appear that they are trying to help, you can rest assured that anything you say will be used against you. By contacting a skilled Kansas City DUI attorney early in the game, investigations can be performed, details examined, and evidence investigated. Your lawyer will have many questions that should be answered in order to provide you with a strong defense.

Some of these questions may include:

Were you actually guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances?
Were breath, blood and field sobriety tests performed properly, and were the results accurate?
Why were you stopped to begin with? Did the officer have reason to pull you over?

An aggressive Kansas City DUI lawyer is not afraid to challenge evidence or point out errors made by police. Police officers are human, and they do make mistakes. If law enforcement made errors that make screening tests invalid, an experienced attorney will be sure to point to that fact.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence and injuries occurred to another party, it is essential that you consult with a Kansas City DUI attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable regarding the DUI laws. Regardless of whether there was an accident with injuries or you were simply stopped and charged with DUI, contact a competent attorney who is willing to fight vigorously for your rights and freedom.

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