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greenFour Tips after Being Served Divorce Papers

     By Hg.org
Four practical "to do's" to follow after being served divorce papers. It is important to put yourself on the right track after being served divorce papers. Things such as your response to the divorce petition, choosing your form of legal representation and securing your finances are some of the key points to focus on soon after being served.

greenCourt Makes Mistake in Sentencing Mentally Disordered Offender to Treatment

Kelvin Harrison was convicted in San Bernardino County of battery with serious bodily injury. He was sentenced to prison for two years. When the crime occurred in 2008 both he and the victim were homeless. Harrison attacked another man with a steel pipe because he found a bag of grapes left by the victim where he normally slept. The grapes were allegedly filled with blood, which Harrison interpreted as an omen that the victim intended to harm him. Harrison then attacked the victim with the pipe.

greenTen New Laws to Know for 2012

It is January 1, 2012 and a host of new laws become effective today. While some of these laws may not affect you, others may, so it good to be aware of how the laws have changed. There are dozens of new laws, but our focus in this article in limited to ten that involve possible criminal cases.

blueLas Vegas Personal Injury Law Firms Ė Finding the One thatís Best for You

How can you discern between the myriad of Las Vegas personal injury law firms? There are many choices, with most firms offering an extensive menu of services. How can you decide which firm may be best suited for your specific case? Before committing to one attorney or firm, consider this list of screening questions you can use to make your decision:

blueCan a Work Injury Lawyer Help Save My Job?

Should you turn to a work injury lawyer if youíve been hurt on the job but feel your job is in jeopardy? Absolutely! While employers can hire, fire or demote employees for many reasons, firing someone after theyíve been hurt on the job is not only wrong, itís illegal.

blueAn Injury Attorney in Las Vegas Fights Nursing Home Abuse

Many families feel guilt when they discover that the nursing home they trusted to attend to the needs of a loved has been neglectful or worse, hurtful. Families need an honest, trustworthy source for guidance. An injury attorney in Las Vegas can help you identify the signs of nursing home abuse.

blueTax Differences between Contractors and Employees in New Jersey

     By Thorn Law Group
Many businesses pay two different kinds of workers: contractors and regular employees. Come tax time, many businesses face worker classification law questions. How do they know how employees are classified for tax purposes? How do these classifications affect which taxes the employer pays? A New Jersey tax lawyer can answer such questions and take away the guesswork for you.

blueHow Legal Permanent Residents Can Escape Deportation

     By Reece Law Firm, LLC
If you know a legal permanent resident who is in deportation proceedings, there may be relief available to keep him/her from being deported. Becoming a legal permanent resident (LPR) of the United States is a wonderful accomplishment for many immigrants who leave unfavorable conditions in their home country to live a better life in the United States.

blueLove and U.S. Immigration

     By Reece Law Firm, LLC
If you and a foreign national who lives abroad are in love, you donít have to wait until youíre married before you start living your lives together in the United States. Buying a plane ticket to travel abroad has become as common as buying a loaf of bread at the grocery store. Every year many people travel abroad to conduct business or for some sort of pleasure.

blueReasons for Child Support Modification in Georgia

     By Fox Firm, PC
Under certain circumstances child support may be subject to an increase or decrease, in which case an attorney may file a petition for a modification with the court. When it comes to paying and receiving child support, they are subject to change and are not necessarily permanent. Whenever either party has experienced a significant change in circumstances, it may warrant a child support modification.

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