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blueFamily Farm Estate Planning in Ohio: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Do It

Family farms and estate planning in Ohio was a pretty hot topic at a event that I spoke at. About 125 farmers from across the state showed up to hear me and the other speakers. One thing that struck me was that most of the farmers I spoke to said they’d never met an attorney who could explain why they should do estate planning and elder law planning. In this post I want to solve that issue and explain plainly why estate planning is necessary for farmers.

blueEstate Planning for Same-Sex Couples in Ohio

I recently had the opportunity to develop an estate plan for a same-sex couple and found several effective strategies for making sure each partner could receive inheritance and make healthcare decisions for the other just as if they were a married heterosexual couple. Actually, now they are probably better protected than most married heterosexual couples, because most couples don’t have an estate plan or living trust in place.

bluePrevailing Wage Laws and the False Claims Act

     By Berg & Androphy
Prevailing wage laws(1) require that contractors and subcontractors who obtain certain government construction and service contracts pay their employees a local minimum amount, commonly referred to as the “prevailing wage.” By: Joel M. Androphyi and Rachel L. Grier

blueDefense Contractor Fraud

     By Berg & Androphy
The False Claims Act (“FCA”) is particularly important in the area of defense contracts. In fact, the FCA was enacted due to the sever abuses which occurred at the hands of many defense contractors and corrupt officials who fraudulently procured payment for the necessities of war, such as ships, food, supplies, and weapons, to the detriment of the United States military.(1) By: Joel M. Androphyi and Rachel L. Grier

blueIf You Need Help with the IRS, a Seattle Tax Lawyer Can Help

     By Drakeley PLLC
A letter from the IRS can strike fear in the hearts of even the most unshakable of people, but that doesn't have to be true for you. If you are in trouble with the IRS for some reason or you just need help with a situation that has come up with your taxes, a Seattle tax attorney can help; if you haven't filed tax returns for years and will soon be in trouble with the IRS even if you're not already, an experienced lawyer can help with that as well.

blueAlabama Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

     By Drake Law Firm
As with the other forty-nine states, Alabama law has a statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim. That is, a certain period of time within which a lawsuit must be filed to preserve the claim. This article addresses the different kinds of claims and the exceptions to them.

blueTraumatic Brain Injuries: Helpful Resources from Recent Conferences

Every person who suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually has a medical status different than that of other TBI patients. The newly injured person may have diabetes, dementia or one of many other chronic medical conditions. These special circumstances often require treating physicians to explore some of the newest treatment and research information available in order to fully help all of their patients.

bluePrevalence of Identity Theft on Social Networking Sites

     By Mesriani Law Group
The massive availability of the Internet has helped a lot of Americans, even those people who are benefiting from Social Security disability benefits. However, despite the advantages of the online technology, there are also some adverse effects it can provide. One of the most daunting disadvantages of the Internet is fraud.

greenIf You Receive Miranda Warnings, Your Talking and Subsequent Silence Can Be Used Against You

Anyone who has watched much television is familiar with Miranda warnings, which remind a suspect of his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided to you at government expense.

blueDo I Need an Alabama Car Accident Attorney?

     By Drake Law Firm
Alabama law requires mandatory liability insurance coverage for all automobile drivers. But, if you suffer a serious personal injury, the mere existence of coverage on the at-fault driver may not be enough. Plus, there is no guarantee the insurance adjuster will fairly handle your claim. This is when you must decide whether a qualified Alabama car accident attorney is needed for your claim.

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