Is Aging at Home a Good Long Term Care Option?

If your loved one is in need of long term care, you’re probably taking the time to compare different long term care facilities and options. Many seniors prefer to age at home so that they’re able to live a more comfortable life in a familiar environment. If you’re considering at home care for your loved one, you will need to carefully consider his or her needs.

This will allow you to make a more informed decision. Take a look at the following information, to help make this important choice. If you have any question, or if you’d like to discuss long term care options in detail, contact an estate planning attorney.

Is Home Care a Good Fit?

If your loved one is considering aging at home, you need to make sure that this is a possibility. Some seniors aren’t able to take advantage of this long term care option, because of their specific needs.

When making your decision, consider the following:

• Does your loved one require significant medical attention?
• Can all needs be met with home care?
• Does he or she require special medical equipment that may not be available in the home?
• Will family and friends be able to share caregiver responsibilities?
• Does your loved one feel comfortable hiring a professional caregiver?
• Is your loved one able to get around the home?

Talk it Over with Your Loved One

Not everyone can benefit from this type of long term care. In some cases, your loved one’s needs may make it impossible to age at home. Carefully discuss the decision with your loved one so that you can choose the best long term care options. This will ensure that all of his or her needs are met and that everyone is comfortable with the choice.

Where to Get More Information

There are a variety of long term care options available. With extra care and research, you can find the best fit for your loved one. If you have any questions about other long term care options, consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

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