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greenReform on Hong Kong’s Charity Law

     By Angela Wang & Co.
Introduction - There are over 6,000 charities in Hong Kong, responsible for raising more than HK$ 8 billion dollars in the fiscal year 2008-2009. However, the charity sector lacks a comprehensive framework for the establishment and regulation of charities as compared to other overseas jurisdictions.

blue2012 Estate Tax Exclusion: First the Good News

One of the things that critics point out about the estate tax is the fact that the exclusion frequently moves around. So one family could be forced to pay an exorbitant tax on a particular sum of money during a particular year while another family could pay nothing at all on the same amount of money because a loved one died during a different year.

blueHow Much does Bankruptcy REALLY Affect your Credit?

One of the most common concerns of people considering bankruptcy is the effect that it has on their credit. I am going to write a series of articles that dive more deeply into each of the general concepts I present here. In our opinion, there are three very important concepts people must focus on when considering the impact of a bankruptcy filing on their credit.

blueAre Los Angeles Bus Riders Victims of Discrimination?

The Los Angeles, California Metropolitan Authority (MTA) obtains funding from the federal government to provide its services. As such, it is required to comply with antidiscrimination provisions found in Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A recent federal audit of the MTA suggests that it is not in compliance with the law, the impact of which has been felt on a personal level among local riders and civil rights groups, explains an attorney in California.

blueDuring Insurance Claim: Requests from Your Insurance Company

If you look at your insurance policy, it will probably have a section stating that you have a duty or obligation to cooperate with your insurance company. What that means is explored here. Most, if not all, insurance policies will contain a provision or provisions that require the policyholder (or anyone defined as an "insured") to cooperate with the company. In fact, this language will typically state that it is a "duty" to cooperate.

blueArizona's Minimum Wage Increased in 2012

     By Jaburg Wilk
January 1, 2012, the minimum wage in Arizona became $7.65 per hour. Arizona’s rate is .40 cents per hour higher than the federal minimum wage and you are required to pay the higher of the two. Arizona's minimum wage law ("AMWA") has some important variations from the federal minimum wage law. By: Gary J. Jaburg, Esq.

greenEuropean Watchdog Calls for Stricter Regulation on ‘Cookies’

     By CSB Advocates
The European online privacy watchdog known as the ‘Article 29 Working Party’ has called for stricter regulation on the practice of using ‘cookies’ for online advertising. A cookie is a tracking program uploaded to a computer by advertising companies in order to monitor the activities of an internet user. This, in turn, allows the advertising company to forward advertisements to the user tailored to their personal interests.

blueThe Frankfurt Stock Exchange for Indian Issuers

Indian companies are accessing the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (“FSE”) and other foreign capital markets in search of capital and liquidity for their shares. The Entry Standard of the FSE is an appealing option for Indian issuers seeking an access point to European capital markets. By Brenda Lee Hamilton, Attorney

blueDeutsche Börse AG Suspends New Listings on the Open

On December 20, 2011, Deutsche Börse AG suspended new listings for the First Quotation Board due to fraud and new cases of suspected market manipulation among several shares listed in the First Quotation Board. Deutsche Börse AG stated, “prosecution according to criminal law and supervisory legislation only seems to have a limited deterrent effect. By Brenda Lee Hamilton

blueDon't Underestimate Probate Expenses

Everyone knows what a last will is intended to achieve, and it is indeed the most commonly utilized instrument in the field of estate planning. However, it is important to recognize the fact that this is not your only option when it comes to transferring assets to your loved ones after you pass away.

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