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blueThe Lasting Impact of a Brain Injury

The impact of a brain injury does can be relatively minor or end up affecting the lives of the entire family of the victim for years to come.

blueMinnesota Supreme Court Rules on Urine Test for DWI Offenses

The law in Minnesota is forever changing as DWI attorneys challenge inaccurate testing for DWI cases. Review the latest changes in 2012. The Minnesota Supreme Court decided the case of State v. Tanksley on February 8, 2012. That ruling allows the State to continue using urine tests in DWI cases despite the significantly flawed nature of the test in relationship to intoxication.

greenWhat Happens if Police Say I Refused a Breath or Blood Test?

Our office often receives phone calls from folks who are arrested for DUI and are told by police that they must submit to a breath or blood test of their blood alcohol level. In perhaps five to ten percent of such cases, our clients refuse to give such a sample. They often ask, “now what happens?”

greenLicense of a Trademark in China

Trademark licensing in China, this article will introduce the procedure of trademark license in China. 1. What is the license of a trademark? The trademark has an exclusive right after being approved to register. The license of a trademark refers to the trademark right holder authorize another person to use the trademark through legal procedures, commonly through concluding a license contract.

blueAppeals in North Carolina

This Article addresses various appeals in the North Carolina court system. It includes appeals of criminal and civil matters, discusses the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the North Carolina Supreme Court, and addresses preserving errors for appeal and compliance with the rules of appellate procedure.

greenPolice Leaders must Walk the Walk (Police Pursuit Driving)

Published in the Orlando Sentinel "My Word" Column on February 19,2012. Police policies lay the groundwork for the culture of a police department. Police executives must be sure that they are reinforcing the agencies polices and not substituting an underground culture. Police pursuits and police driving in general is dangerous to the public and the police officers. Police leaders must not only examine their policies on a routine basis but should reexamine the practices and customs as well.

blueProtection Failure Analysis of an Armored Toyota SUV

Using practical shooting reconstruction techniques, the authors successfully determined the cause of a shooting injury in an armored civilian vehicle in Iraq. Determining the reason for the vehicle’s armor failure was considered paramount to address safety concerns for allied military personnel. This information was used to improve safety in vehicles destined for military and civilian service in Iraq and the Afghanistan theatre.

blueAvoiding Identity Theft — What You Can Do

     By Bailey & Galyen
Someone uses your credit card to charge a Caribbean vacation. Or accesses your bank account and drains it of funds. Or uses your ID while committing a crime. Identity theft refers to a broad range of crimes, including misuse of your financial information, name, Social Security Number and reputation. Identity—it’s more than your name, it’s life as you know it.

blueCall for a Nationwide Ban on Cell Phones and Texting while Driving

     By Bailey & Galyen
In December, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called for a nationwide ban on all cell phone use while driving. This goes beyond the hands-free laws enacted by ten states. Considering the dangers, why isn’t there such a ban in place? Cell phone use spread at almost an epidemic rate before the dangers were documented. Distracted driving causes more 6000 crashes and 3000 deaths each year.

blueProtect Yourself against Unscrupulous Debt Collectors

     By Bailey & Galyen
You may want to talk with the debt collector once to be sure the debt involved is yours or to discuss a way to resolve it, but you can refuse contact. If you inform the collector you are represented by a bankruptcy attorney or other counsel, the collector must contact your lawyer rather than you.

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