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Each story is unique and every person may have their own reasons for choosing to immigrate to the U.S. For many looking to gain entry there are various options available. Many individuals have come to the United States seeking a new life with greater rights and opportunities. A large majority of the opportunities provided however, are only available to legal citizens of the U.S. or those who have been granted certain rights by the court.

For the different stories of each personís claim, there will be different needs when it comes to immigration law. If a person can demonstrate to the government certain requirements, they may be granted legal endorsements providing them rights they would not have had otherwise. A few options are available to foreign nationals looking to travel or live in America.

Visas can be a very popular route for those who are looking to come only for a period of time. There are a number of different types that can be sought in order to cater to the circumstances of the immigrant seeking entry and stay for a length of time. While the benefits of a visa are not as extensive as gaining actual citizenship, they can offer incentives such as the ability to work, live and visit. One type of visa that can be pursued is the immigrant visa. This is for those who are looking to remain in the country. More popular is the non-immigrant visa, sought by foreign nationals who are only looking to remain here for a time before returning home. This can include business persons, tourists, workers, diplomats and students. Student visas are sought by many, allowing them to gain entry under the notion that they will be coming in order to increase their studies. There are two types of student visas available; one for those who will be enrolling in an actual school or program, and another for those coming to study but not for vocational or academic reasons.

Recently, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has taken a controversial stance on the subject of immigrants. He has spoken out that he believes immigrants should be allowed to go through a process to obtain a license. While this license will not be the same as legal citizens, it will aid in the process of LAPD members identifying who is on the roadways. Since this is only a thought on the part of the police chief and has not taken effect nationwide, today licenses are not always given to immigrants, remaining one of the many privileges retained for legal citizens in most states.

While visas granting temporary stay or limited benefits can be a great choice for many, others seek to gain the full rights awarded to legal citizens. Through the naturalization process a foreign national can petition the government to be granted citizenship thereby obtaining a vast amount of opportunities and warding off the danger of being deported back to their home town. Citizens are granted the privilege to vote, have a U.S passport, priority to bring over a family member, run in an election, eligible for government programs, can apply to federal jobs and more. In 2007, 1.38 million immigrants filed applications to become legal citizens. While this number was significantly higher than the usual amount of individuals and families filing, the general average is still hundreds of thousands each year. In 2002, California had around 291,000 immigrants, making it the largest host of any state. With the high influx of foreign nationals looking to gain entry into the U.S., having the knowledge and service of a professional attorney can greatly benefit immigration matters.

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