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greenCourt Reverses Felony False Impersonation Conviction Involving Use of Birth Certificate

California Penal Code § 529 makes it a crime to use a false identity to create or exploit a written instrument. The statute’s intent is to make it illegal for one to create liability for an impersonated person for a financial or legal obligation. The statute is a “wobbler,” meaning it can be prosecuted as either a felony or a misdemeanor.

blueAlabama Loss of Consortium Claims

     By Drake Law Firm
An injured individual may have many causes of action that stem from an accident. This article explores Alabama's loss of consortium claim that allows an uninjured spouse to bring an action arising from an accident that injures his/her spouse.

greenCyber-Squatting: No Man’s Land?

     By CSB Advocates
Internet has opened up new routes for unethical, abusive and opportunistic behaviour. One such form of behaviour is the practice of “cybersquatting”, which can be generally defined as the malicious registration of and dealing in domain names having third party goodwill rights or interests with a view to extorting a profit therefrom.

blueEstate Planning and Tax Consequences

There are two basic reasons why estate planning is so important. First, estate planning allows you to decide what will happen to your assets upon your death. Second, by planning ahead, you can substantially decrease the tax consequences of transferring your estate assets to family members or loved ones. In the absence of planning, your estate assets may be subject to either estate or gift taxes, both of which can significantly drain estate assets.

blueNo Plan to Reconcile for the Former Governor of California

The former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife of over 25 years say they have no plans to reunite despite recent reports that they may have been seeking counsel and are trying to resolve their marital problems. The couple has been spending time together with their children which spurred on the rumors of reconciliation, however, sources claim that they are a family despite the divorce case and they will continue to parent their children together.

bluePractical Tips for Avoiding Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks are always present on the roads and highways of America, and they are accountable for over 500,000 accidents every year. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) also states that commercial truck accidents account for 98% of annual traffic fatalities that involve automobile drivers. While it is a good idea to try to avoid driving behind or beside a commercial truck such as an 18-wheeler, it is impossible to avoid doing so at times.

greenThe Serious Penalties for Drug Trafficking

The number of drug manufacturing plants across America is growing, but the majority of illicit drugs in our country are imported from other countries in South America and the Caribbean and Mexico as well.

blueTexas Supreme Court Hands Down Decision On Texas Water Rights

     By Amaro Law Firm
According to legal reports, the Texas Supreme Court has recently passed down a landmark decision on water rights in the lone star state. Reportedly, the crux of the decision is that landowners own the water which is beneath their property. Sources say that after two years of litigation and speculation as to what the court might do, a decision was handed down on February 24, 2012.

blueLimitations of Personal Injury Claims in California State

     By Mesriani Law Group
Filing a personal injury lawsuit in the State of California is no easy task because of the complex and specific requirements it demands. Consequently, California personal injury claimants must be aware of the limitations concerning filing an injury case to avoid compromising their claim.

blueYou Have Choices

You have choices when planning your estate. You are not required to utilize a last will to direct the distribution of your assets after your death. Instruments such as revocable living trusts are viable options and they are not exclusively for the wealthy.

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