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blueEffects of Zoloft on Fetal Growth

     By McEwen Law Firm Ltd
Easier said than done, but if you can find a way to combat depression that doesn't involve Zoloft, especially during your third trimester, then those risks to your child are dramatically reduced. Certain birth defect risks, such as pulmonary hypertension, have been reported to increase 600% when mothers took Zoloft in their last trimester.

greenGranddaughter Guilty of Financial Elder Abuse through Embezzlement and Moving Grandmother Out of Home

Our office receives numerous phone calls about financial elder abuse, usually involving quit claim deeds of property and / or second mortgages that go unpaid, resulting in a home foreclosure. It is unusual for law enforcement to take action in such cases, as such problems are seen as civil, not criminal, in nature.

blueWater Rights - What Are They?

In most states, one cannot divert and use either surface water or ground water without the legal permission to do so. The legal authority to divert and capture water is called a water right. Within the United States it is generally necessary to have the legal right to divert and capture either surface or ground water. The legal right to divert and capture water is called a water right.

blueFour Subway Deaths in 24 Hours — Some Safety Reminders

Subways, buses, and public transportation are the preferred and most convenient mode of transportation for millions of New Yorkers. This convenience comes with some safety concerns, as evidenced by four recent fatal subway accidents. Subways and buses are the preferred mode of transportation for millions of New Yorkers every day. Not only is public transportation convenient, but it also helps protect the environment.

blueNew York Traffic Deaths at All-Time Low; City Wants Even Lower

New York has seen record-low rates of traffic deaths, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg has credited much of it to money the city has spent on safety improvement projects such as raising public awareness and implementing several safety programs. N.Y. city officials recently installed 1,100 pedestrian countdown signals at crosswalks. The signals, which show pedestrians how long they have to cross a street, have been placed at high-injury intersections.

blueThe Use of Social Media in the Court Room

Social media is an important aspect of our society. In many ways it has brought the world to our fingertips. Among the many uses for it, it has found its place in legal matters, providing evidence in some cases through the profile pages and updated statuses of those that are in the midst of a trial. The advancement of social media has made many changes to the time.

blueHow to Avoid Commercial Lease Disputes

The top 10 essential elements of a commercial lease... Most people are pretty familiar with the concept of leasing; most people experience leases when they rent an apartment or a car. Commercial leases are almost no different; they just involve space for a business. Commercial leases in Western North Carolina are frequently used to rent an office of warehouse.

blueNotification of Change or Claims - What it is and Why it is Important

In a recent construction dispute between a Developer of upscale urban properties and its General Contractor (GC), I was engaged to provide expert services for a forensic schedule delay analysis resulting in a presentation of the GC’s claims before a contractually-mandated dispute review board (“DRB”). There was approximately $14 million in claims and counterclaims at stake.

blueWhy Create a Company?

The advantages of starting a company and being your own boss... You have a unique idea, you have a fresh product, you have a desirable service, why NOT start your own business? Entrepreneurship is an exciting venture, and can quite literally change a person’s life. There are so many great advantages to taking on such a project. To start a business you need motivation, talent and desire.

blueDefining Blight

When the government wants to take your land it may be because of blight. When the government wants to take your property under Eminent Domain Laws, they can do so as long as the property they take is used for public purpose; roads, highways, etc. Or, they can take it to eliminate blight and economic development simply becomes a secondary outcome.

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