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blueWhat are Violent Crimes?

If you have been accused of a violent crime, it is imperative that you have all the information regarding your case. Learn about the possible charges and penalties. According to the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, violent crimes include assault, robbery, rape and sexual assault, and murder. The Federal Bureau of Investigation categorizes violent crimes by whether or not force or the threat of force was involved in the crime.

blueUnderstanding Your DUI and How to Fight it

     By Tiemann Law Firm
Contrary to popular belief, DUI arrests do not have to lead to an ultimate conviction each and every time. With a knowledgeable and tenacious attorney, your chances of avoiding a conviction are far greater. It’s unlawful to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater in all 50 states.

blueCelebrities Taking a Stand against Domestic Violence

     By Gordon Law Offices
A prevalent issue in today’s society, many women face the devastating effects of domestic violence. Many are taking action to stop this atrocity, including some members of Hollywood’s elite. It was shock to many when allegations of Chris Brown and Rihanna having a violent dispute broke out. Pictures flooded the news of the young and hopeful star badly bruised from the beating she had suffered.

blueWhitney Houston’s Estate Facing Debt

No matter what the financial status of an individual is estate planning can be an important aspect to safeguard assets. While Whitney Houston has made millions over her career, even she became susceptible to a lack of financial planning that can have an influence for years to come. Estate planning is an important thing to consider in today’s world.

greenConviction by Red Light Camera Upheld on Appeal

Within the last two years, there have been two successful challenges to tickets issued based on “red light camera” photographs and videos for violation of California Vehicle Code § 21413 (failure to stop at a red light).

blueWhile Jobs Increase Consumer Spending Remains Low

Consumer spending is a great initiator of the U.S. economy, pushing it forward or back depending on the trends of the time. It is so important that it accounts for around 70 percent of the activity of the economy. The job market has taken many hits recently. Economic hard times have forced many workers to seek unemployment compensation while they continue seeking jobs elsewhere.

blueSex Crimes and the Criminal Justice System

     By Tiemann Law Firm
There are multiple levels of sex crimes which are criminalized in the state of California, many of which carry mandatory sex offender registration. Hiring an attorney may be your only line of defense against a criminal accusation. In the state of California, many different forms of non-consensual sexual contact have been categorized as a sex crime.

greenAlabama Work Place Accidents: The Applicability of Federal Law

     By Drake Law Firm
Many Alabama work place accidents are resolved through the workers' compensation claim process. However, certain industrial accidents are governed by federal legislation. This article provides a general overview of the application of the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) and the Jones Act to Alabama work place accidents.

bluePreparing for Your First Estate Planning Meeting

Beginning the estate planning process usually requires you to set up a meeting with your estate planning lawyer so you can get down to the concrete steps involved. To make this meeting go easier, there are several items you can bring with you. Always talk to your lawyer or his or her personal assistant before you come to any meeting so you know what to expect and what you should bring.

blueCommon Questions about Florida Oral Wills

Oral wills were traditionally used when a person was too sick or otherwise unable to write. Question 1: What is a nuncapative will? - Answer: A nuncapative will is simply a fancy way to say oral or verbal will. With an oral will, the testator—the person who makes the will—states his or her wishes verbally instead of writing them down.

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