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greenYour Hospital Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Preventable hospital mistakes range from U.S. surgeons operating on the wrong person or body part, happening as much as 40 times per week, to a hospital staff member’s failure to properly disinfect a room or wash his hands. The landscape of the modern medical system at first can seem quite picturesque. American hospitals are capable of great feats: saving lives, curing disease, and inventing new procedures.

greenAssault and Battery

     By HG.org
While assault and battery are often charged together, these two terms have very different meanings. Additional a criminal charge of assault or battery carries with it a different definition and burden of proof than a civil complaint of either act. Knowing the difference between these terms can help you protect your legal interests.

blueDisputes over Boundary Lines

     By Ross & Pines, LLC
Property records are not always clear when it comes to defining the boundary lines that belong to the owner. Due to the vagueness, many boundary disputes can arise. When your property sits along the line of another person’s property questions may come up as to how far each of your line of ownership extends.

blueTips on Avoiding Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Are you overwhelmed by debt? Filing for bankruptcy is not your only option! Through loan modification, short sale, or debt settlement, you could get your life back on track. Although some experts are hopeful that the economy is improving and will continue to improve, many families across the U.S. are still feeling the negative effects. Some have lost their jobs, others, their homes.

blueTypes of Car Accidents

Massive amounts of damage can be caused by car accidents. The force of speed and the large mass of a vehicle all contribute to the severity that is witnessed in the different types of car accidents that can occur. Car accidents occur every day, with millions occurring each year. Many are reported to police and insurance companies, while some may be handled by the parties involved themselves.

greenThe Income Tax Treaty between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Belgium Entered in Force

     By Yav & Associates
On 10 February 2012, the income tax treaty (Treaty) between Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was published in the Belgian Official Gazette. As Belgium is the first country with a treaty with the DRC, the Treaty may be an important impetus for bilateral financial, commercial and trade relationships between the DRC and Belgium. This can also be beneficial in an international context.

blueUkrainian Tax Inspection: Know Your Rights

From a purely legal perspective, there is no such term as “raid” in the Tax Code. All the necessary forms, legal grounds and procedure for carrying out inspections of the subjects of entrepreneurial activity, as well as the procedure for execution of documents per results of such inspections, are regulated by the Tax Code of Ukraine. From a practical perspective, however, tax inspection visit can quickly escalate into a battle for your company’s survival.

blueMilitary Service Can Pave the Way Toward Comfortable Retirement

Unless you are in a very rarefied financial position you are going to have to plan ahead intelligently to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Just going through life day to day without any plan is probably going to leave you lacking as you start to get near the typical retirement age. Unfortunately, a lot of people find this out when it is too late to get on track.

blueWhy Fileshares are Illegal

     By Cai & Lenard
In the light of the closure of the largest file storage systems in Ukraine (Infostore.org, Eх.uа, Upload.com.ua) the joint research of the Investment and Trade Foundation (ITF) and Cai & Lenard Law Firm on the protection of intellectual property in the Internet becomes actual.

blueDid Zoloft Cause My Child’s Birth Defects?

     By McEwen Law Firm Ltd
In the case of Zoloft, this was prescribed to pregnant women by doctors who truly believed they were not risking the health of the unborn child. And the mother trusted the judgment of the doctor. What nobody counted on, was that manufacturer of Zoloft may have known of these unacceptable risks, yet did nothing to warn pregnant women of these dangers.

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