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greenWill a Contract of Employment Cease when a Particular Project Ends?

As stipulated under art 10(C) of proclamation 377/96 an irregular work relating to permanent part of the work of an employer but performed on an irregular interval is considered to be a contract of employment for a definite period of time.

greenDivorce and Ethiopian Law - Divorce and Its Effects under Ethiopian Family Law

In Ethiopia, there are three forms of marriage. i.e. civil, customary and religious marriages. But the effect of dissolution of all forms of marriage is the same.

greenThe Duty of Maintenance as Per Ethiopian Law

In social life it is expected that one person help another person in times of need. Especially members of a family are more intimate than any other persons. So they maintain one another. Such social values are backed by law.

greenFew Points on Separation of Property According to Ethiopian Family Law

After dissolution of marriage by divorce the next step will be liquidation of pecuniary relations. The pecuniary relations between spouses shall be liquidated by agreement or by retaking of personal property.

greenCan Parties Stipulate "if Debtor Fails to Pay Loan He Has to Pay Doble?" - Ethiopia

In a contract of loan the parties can agree to the terms of loan. But can parties stipulate provisions stating if the debtor fails to pay the loan within the time specified that he had to pay double/twice of the original loan money?

greenDoes Acquittal from Criminal Charges Give an Ex-employee Right to Reinstatement? - Ethiopia

The mere fact that a certain employee was acquitted from a criminal charge brought against him in relation to his employment relation doesn’t give the employee the right to demand to return to work with payment of compensation.

blueFrequently Asked Questions Concerning Bicycle Accidents

Q. I suffered a serious broken bone injury in a bicycle accident caused by a reckless driver. What are my legal options?

blueWarning: Avoid Using These Recalled TVs and Wall Mounts

Although technological innovations continue to march forward, there will always be certain glitches that require consumers to stay on their guard. Fortunately, most of us are rather pleased with the quality of the televisions and wall mounts we've purchased in recent years. The TV screens’ beautiful colors and lack of distortion are wonderful, along with the excellent audio quality.

bluePremises Liability: When Spinal Cord Injury Results on Another’s Property

Premises liability cases include slip and fall accidents, assaults, and other injurious incidents that occur on someone else's property.

blueHow to Determine Case Value

     By L. Ty Wilson, PC
One of the most common questions I am asked by personal injury victims in Georgia is, “what is my case worth?” The short answer is, it depends. Many factors go into determining the value of a personal injury claim. However, there are a few main things that you can look at to get an idea of how an insurance company might view your claim.

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