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blueZoloft Usage by Sex

     By McEwen Law Firm Ltd
Historically doctors had no idea that any risks were being posed to the unborn child when the mother took Zoloft while pregnant. Conversely, the manufacturer of Zoloft may have known of the increased risks to fetuses but chose not to disclose them. There are several reasons why they may have done this but most likely it was to protect their bottom line, make a quarterly earning call, or hope that the number of affected infants would be nominal.

greenFifth Amendment Rights Violated When DA Points to Silence as Evidence of Guilt

In early 2007, Richard Tom, while speeding and running a red light, broadsided Lorraine Wong’s vehicle. The impact tragically killed Wong’s eight year old daughter. After holding Tom at the scene for about ninety minutes, during which time he remained silent except to ask if he could walk home, Redwood City Police Officers transported him to the police station.

greenStatute of Limitations for Jones Act Claims

     By Arnold & Itkin LLP
When injuries occur, people want compensation, or so it usually goes. Everyone is entitled to a claim in the event that they are injured by the negligence of a third party.

blueSigns of Traumatic Brain Injury After an Accident

     By Shulman DuBois LLC
If you have been in an accident, you need to seek medical attention. If you have a serious brain injury, the signs are not always obvious. Read about the signs of traumatic brain injury to understand if you might be suffering from head trauma that you cannot diagnose yourself.

blueColorado Lawyers Explain How Long-Term Effects of Spinal Cord Injury May Give Grounds for Compensation Claims

Colorado lawyers list long-term effects of a spinal cord injury that may give grounds for a claim. Seek personal injury compensation when negligence puts your health in danger. A spinal cord injury can alter your life drastically. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may lose sensation, your ability to walk or your ability to breathe without the assistance of a ventilator.

blueWhy You Need a Pet Trust

     By Davidov Law Group
For many people in the later years of their lives, pets are their closest family and friends. Your children no longer live with you. Over the years friends have moved or passed away. However, your faithful pets are always therein your will, you leave assets to your other family members, and it only makes sense to make sure that your pets are also provided for by including a trust for them in your will.

blueWhat’s it like flying a Boeing B777?

GMR Consulting - Aviation Consultants and Expert Witnesses

blueFuneral Planning – 3 Alternatives to Burial

     By German Law Group
As thousands of baby boomers reach retirement age every day, many of them are finding the idea of having a traditional funeral to be less than satisfying. Luckily, boomers—and everyone else—have a wider range of choices instead of the traditional coffin burial. Here is a brief list.

blueHow Much Should Probate Cost?

Should firms give a fixed fee for Probate work? If so how much should it be? A lot of solicitors still charge a percentage of the value of the estate plus an hourly rate of around £200 for Probate work. Banks charge an extraordinary 3% of the value of the estate.

blueStudied at a UK Institution- What Next?

     By Hudson McKenzie
In order to retain talent in the UK, The UK Border Agency is making certain changes to the existing routes and is also introducing a new visa category known as Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur). The UK Border Agency with effect from 6 April 2012 will be closing down the existing Tier 1 (Post study work) route. As a result, we have been inundated with questions from students looking to extend their stay in the UK.

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