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blueIreland - New Investor and Entrepreneur Programs

     By Hudson McKenzie
The Irish Government has launched two new immigration programs aimed at Investors and Entrepreneurs who are prepared to invest or create jobs in Ireland. - Immigrant Investor Program - The Immigrant Investor Program requires applicants to make substantial investments in Ireland.

blueZoloft Statute of Limitations

     By McEwen Law Firm Ltd
As a general rule of thumb, if you're concerned about the statute of limitations for your Zoloft related birth injury case, the sooner you contact an expert the better. It's as simple as filling out a free Zoloft case evaluation form to find out if you have a case. Whether you consider yourself a litigious person or not, in the case of Zoloft, the manufacturers may have known about the potential dangers to your child but negligently chose to not disclose this information.

blueRangers Football Club: Not Entirely Directionless

The overwhelmingly common theme to the reports of Lord Hodge’s ruling in the ongoing Rangers administration case was that he refused to give any directions: the BBC’s “'No ruling' on Rangers administrators' Ticketus challenge” was pretty typical. In fact, the court provided a careful and useful analysis of the law and, in particular, highlighted once more the dangers of failing to appreciate that the Scottish and English jurisdictions, laws and legal traditions are quite separate and distinct.

blueHeart Patients: Improved Healing May Come from Use of Stem Cells from Fat by Elizabeth Smith

At least three promising studies during the past decade indicate that heart patients may one day enjoy improved health after their hearts are treated with stem cells taken from some of their own fat cells. Several of these studies have been run by Dr. James Willerson of the Texas Heart Institute. During recent interviews, Dr. Willerson has said that he believes one of his most successful studies was the one he presented in 2011.

blueWhen it Comes to Attorney’s Fees, is Texas Becoming More American?

Under the majority “American Rule,” parties are generally required to bear their own attorney’s fees in civil cases. For over 100 years, however, Texas has been in the minority that allows courts to award attorney’s fees to prevailing parties for certain claims, such as for breach of oral or written contracts.

blueHow Can My Taxes be Affected by Child Support?

     By The Dorsey Law Firm
There are many questions that arise when it comes to Child Support. Parents wonder how taxes will affect their Child Support, and how will their child be divided for the Child Tax credit between the two parents.

greenWhat is a “Rising BAC” Defense to DUI?

A common and often successful defense to a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) is the rising blood alcohol content (BAC) defense. This office finds it is one defense that not only the Department of Motor Vehicles seems to understand, but juries do, too. The gist of this defense is that while one’s BAC may be measured at 0.08 or slightly higher, the BAC of the driver when driving was lower than 0.08 and thus legal, meaning it did not violate Vehicle Code § 23152(b).

greenSome Troubling Statistics About Truck Accidents

     By Arnold & Itkin LLP
Most people have a healthy fear about driving on the road with large trucks. They are intimidating because drivers know that in an instant, if the truck driver slips up just once, that could mean a terrible accident.

blueTax Benefits to New Immigrants / Returning Senior Residents to Israel

Over the last few years Israel has become an attractive jurisdiction for tax planners, the following article will provide information on some of the tax benefits which new immigrants or returning residents can obtain.

blueDon’t Suffer in Silence – Call a Slip and Fall Attorney and Protect Your Rights

It is common for individuals to lament a slip and fall accident and yet not do anything about it. If you have been injured due to slipping and falling and the reason was the negligence of another party, don’t keep quiet about it. A slip and fall attorney can make you aware of your rights. Not only do you deserve to be compensated by the negligent party but you also owe it to others around you—you can help make sure that no further injuries occur the same way yours did.

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