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blueCalifornia Supreme Court Hands Employers a Victory and Provides Clarity on Meal and Rest Break Litigation

     By TroyGould
Today [April 12, 2012], the California Supreme Court, in Brinker v. Hohnbaum, handed employers an enormous victory, and brought clarity to the rules for meal and rest breaks. The Court also made important rulings on class certification of these lawsuits. This alert addresses only the clarification of the meal and rest break law.

blue"Protect Yourself: 8 Questions Insurance Adjusters Don't Want You to Ask"

This book is for people who have been injured in an automobile crash. If you or someone you love has been injured, please tell them about printing this book. Car wrecks occur as a result of someone’s bad driving choices. This book can help you protect your rights. You did not ask for this to happen to you, and now your busy life has grown even more complicated.

blueDoctors Claim They Suffer Increased Stress from Worrying about Malpractice Lawsuits

Despite all of the years of education and specialized training, reports show that 225,000 people die in the United States every year from negligence on the part of medical professionals. This number is relatively small compared to the even larger number of people who are injured or permanently disabled because of errors on the part of medical professionals.

blueGetting Help from a Personal Injury Law Firm after a Motor Vehicle Accident with a DUI Driver

Enlisting help from a personal injury law firm in Decatur may be necessary if the motor vehicle accident involves a DUI and injuries. Talk to an auto accident compensation attorney now. If you’ve been injured in a DUI motor vehicle accident in which the other driver is at fault, there are some things you need to know when filing your injury claim.

green4 Things to Know About Jones Act Settlements and Claims

     By The Young Firm
Jones Act claims and settlements can be complicated. Contact a Jones Act law firm in Louisiana for guidance if you have suffered serious, on-the-job injuries. There are some things you should know about Jones Act claims if you have suffered serious injuries in the maritime industry. Unlike a personal injury claim that may arise from a car accident, Jones Act cases involve federal maritime law.

blueFive Things That Can Hurt Your Georgia Workers' Compensation Claim

     By L. Ty Wilson, PC
If you have been injured on the job in Georgia, there are several things you need now to ensure you do not jeopardize your workers' compensation claim. 1) You don't report your injury in time. - If you are hurt while on the job in Georgia, you must report your injury as soon as possible.

blueMoney Pitfalls That Can Damage Your Retirement and Estate

Estate planning focuses on what you're going to leave behind after you die. If you're retired, how you spend your money now will significantly impact what options you have when deciding how to give your property away. It's important that if you're living off your retirement savings, or pension, that you don't fall victim to some common money pitfalls that can significantly deplete your estate.

blueShould I Hire a Zoloft Lawyer?

     By McEwen Law Firm Ltd
Should you worry about protecting a large drug manufacturer who may have acted negligently to protect the profitability of their product, while your child suffered as of result of this negligence? We get this question lot: Should I hire a Zoloft lawyer? A lot of our clients don't consider themselves the 'litigious type' and thus can feel apprehensive about filing a lawsuit.

blueSenior Citizen Financial Abuse

Senior citizens and elders are increasingly victims of scams. Abuses by attorneys in fact are among the worst. Elder Financial Abuse: Power of Attorney Scams - How to protect seniors from abuse of a power of attorney by family or friends, and how to spot this type of financial abuse.

blueWhen to Contact a Chowchilla Personal Injury Lawyer

Not all personal injury claims require assistance from a skilled Chowchilla personal injury lawyer. Many of the smaller and simpler claims can be settled reasonably without incurring the expenses of retaining an attorney. However, in some cases, the cost of retaining a lawyer may be be worth the impact an experienced attorney can have on increasing the value of your claim. Professional legal representation is especially recommended for victims of serious accidents resulting in the following:

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