Forbes Article Updates Amy Winehouse Estate Details

According to a news piece that is appearing on the Forbes website the late multi-Grammy award-winning pop singer Amy Winehouse died intestate. The article cites probate records as the source of this information. This is indeed news because it flies in the face of earlier reports. The tabloids from across the drink published stories shortly after the death of the mercurial diva praising her stalwart estate planning efforts.

These articles suggested that she had been very proactive about rearranging her financial affairs after her divorce from her former husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

As it turns out Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse's brother Alex, and everyone else in her life were excluded. In accordance with intestacy laws of succession it is being reported that the heirs to the Winehouse estate were her parents Mitch and Janis. It should be noted that they have been long divorced.

The actual value of her estate is also something that has been made available, and it is in fact much less than previously estimated. Shortly after her death we were told that the Winehouse fortune totaled somewhere in the vicinity of $16 million; probate records cited indicate that her estate was valued at $4.66 million after tax bills and other expenses were paid.

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