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blueFamily Reunification of German Spouses in Visa Cases

The German system of family reunification in visa cases is very strict. The spouses should be prepared carefully by their attorney before they apply for a visa to Germany. In the following I explain the relevant fact pattern of German visa cases.

blueJudicial Foreclosure Creates Conflict for Redemption Rights and Fair Market Valuation

     By Jaburg Wilk
Arizona borrowers have two foreclosure options: non-disclosure (aka trustee sale) and judicial foreclosures. Arizona borrowers are not accustomed to judicial foreclosures, as the vast majority of foreclosures in Arizona are non-judicial. However, there are both legal and strategic reasons why a lender might choose judicial foreclosure over a trustee sale.

blueHow Can I leave Money to My Grandchildren without Spoiling Them?

Anyone with a substantial amount of assets eventually asks this question.Wanting to protect and provide for your grandchildren when you die is certainly understandable. However, spoiling them may not be in their best interest. The object then becomes creating an estate plan that provides for your grandchildren without making life too easy for them. With a little bit of thought and the proper estate planning tools you can accomplish your goal.

blueEstate Tax: How Much is too Much

Taxes are a controversial subject, but most people would probably agree that a tax that takes more of the assets in question than it leaves behind to the rightful owners is questionable. However, this is the situation those in the estate planning community are faced with in 2013 with regard to the federal estate tax.

blueBuying Property in Cyprus – Guidelines to Prospective Foreign Buyers

In the Republic of Cyprus, a foreigner can easily proceed with the acquisition of immovable property. There are three stages which have to be followed in order for such acquisition to be effected. The first stage is the drafting and the execution of an Agreement for the acquisition of immovable property.

blueCyprus - Simplified Procedure for Granting Residence Permit to Third Country Nationals

The Ministry of Interior has announced a new & simplified procedure of granting Immigration Permits to third country nationals who wish to invest in the Republic of Cyprus (under Reg.6(2)). This new procedure is an accelerated one with a more favourable outcome and result for most of the applicants. The period of examination of such applications would not exceed 2-3 months.

blue7 Common Violations of the Americans with Disabilities

     By Mesriani Law Group
Statistics show that more than 4 million people in the State of California have disability. This means that a relatively large number of workers in the state are suffering from certain types of medical condition. According to Disabled-World.com, an independent health and disability news source, about 856,000 workers in the state are disabled. Hence, it could be said that disabled people in California play a vital role in the development of the state’s workforce.

greenRomney, GOP Woo Latino Voters

Are Latino leaders, Spanish-language campaigns enough to win? The GOP convention has come and gone, with plenty of emotionally riveting speeches, expected criticism of the current administration, and an over-arching theme of patriotism. More than half a dozen convention speakers highlighted their immigrant background, including Craig Romney.

greenOrange County Woman Dies After Six Car Pileup Accident

A Placentia woman has succumbed to injuries sustained in a massive six-car pileup car accident on Interstate 15 in Yermo on Friday, September, 1, 2012 according to the Desert Dispatch. Grace Imai, 74, was traveling northbound on I-15 Friday with her husband when they were rear-ended by another vehicle. The ensuing collision led to a multi-car pileup in which six vehicles were eventually involved.

green5 Things Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Know

Insurance companies providing coverage often deny policy holders' valid insurance claims for damage, or pay as little as possible. Is your insurance company treating you fairly? Here are five things insurance companies don't want you to know. If your policy includes replacement cost, you are entitled to complete replacement of damaged property.

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