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blueA Grandfather's Privacy

     By Zimmer Law Firm
A client recently shared a story with me. He explained that when he was a young child, he used to spend a lot of time at his grandparents' house. They always treated him kindly and had fresh, homemade food. He loved his grandmother's pickles. As he got a little bit older, he started asking them about various things. They always did their best to answer his questions. Looking back, he said that many of their answers were not exactly accurate, but they were not harmful either.

greenUS Patent Office to Clamp Down on Bad Patents - Malta

     By CSB Advocates
Patents have been the subject of some of the largest industrial claims in worldwide legal history. Only recently, we have seen that a successful patent claim over a good invention can be worth very large sums of money. Regardless, this reality is also open to abuse. In the US, the practice of having “Non-Practicing Entities” (NPE’s) register patents only to use them for legal claims has become a serious issue of concern.

blueDIY Savings Can Be Costly in Long Run

     By Augulis Law Firm
Sometimes you make a decision that seems like an economical one at the moment, but this attempt to save money can actually have the reverse result. In the end unintended consequences can arise and they can sometimes be extremely costly. This is something to keep firmly in mind when you are thinking about constructing an estate plan on your own using an online download of some sort.

blueJoint Accounts? It's Not That Easy

     By Augulis Law Firm
There are those who decide that opening a joint account or accounts is a substitute for a properly constructed estate plan. After all they reason, if you have a last will professionally drawn up you will be choosing an executor. This is going to have to be someone that you trust to take care of things in accordance with your wishes.

blueDo You Have a Spendthrift Heir?

If you have a spendthrift heir you may want to take steps to make sure that this family member does not burn through his or her inheritance too quickly. Once you are gone this inheritance can be the only thing standing between a particular individual and extreme financial hardship, so the stakes are high.

blueLos Angeles County Traffic Accident Statistics

     By Fisher & Talwar
Every time a driver gets behind the wheel they are at risk for experiencing an accident. A car accident can affect people’s lives in several different ways. First of all, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths and injuries throughout the United States.

blueThe Consequences of Florida Child Abuse and Molestation Charges

     By Falk & Ross, PA
Charges of child abuse and molestation can result in serious criminal consequences. If you are charged, you could lose your rights as a parent and face serious jail time.

greenIf I Am Arrested, Can Police Look at My Text Messages?

Erik Rangel allegedly beat and stabbed a man in a San Mateo park. The crime was believed to be gang related. Days later, a judge signed a warrant for Rangel’s arrest and a search warrant for Rangel’s home. The search warrant authorized the seizure of stabbing instruments, as well as items containing stains or traces of human blood. The search warrant further authorized the seizure of items commonly known as gang indicia.

greenDepositor Compensation Scheme in Malta – The Central Bank Urges its Extension

     By CSB Advocates
The Depositor Compensation Scheme (“DCS”) has been in force since 2003 through Legal Notice 369 of 2003, following the transposition of the EU Directive 94/19/EC on Depositor Guarantee Scheme obligations amended by EU Directive 2009/14/EC, with the scope to provide a rescue fund for depositors of failed banks licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”).

greenThe Police Took Your Money, So You Usually Get it Back, Plus Interest

Under Health and Safety Code § 11469(i), when a government agency seizes a person’s money, the agency has a duty to protect the money and preserve its value. The government does this by placing the money into an interest bearing account instead of allowing the money to lose value over time. Moreover, the person whose money was taken is often entitled to get his money back, plus the accrued interest.

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