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blueMore Money for Attorneys

We have warned you many times about using online legal document providers for your estate planning needs and here's more information as to why.

blueOther Ways to Gift

One of the biggest problems for many people who try to lower their estate tax burden is that they do not have enough ways to give away their money.

blueThe Mistake of Creating a Will on Your Death Bed

There are many mistakes that you can make in estate planning. Planning your estate is not a simple or easy thing to do.

blueWho Will Be In Charge if You Are in Bad Health?

If you have ever watched a parent, grandparent or other loved one struggle through health problems you know how difficult it can be. Is there more you can do?

blueGrowth in Medicaid Spending Slows Significantly

Due in large part to a strengthening economy and reduced state payment rates to physicians and healthcare providers, Medicaid spending in 2012 grew at its slowest rate in years

greenZippo Recognised as a Well-Known Trademark in China

     By MMLC Group
This article looks at Zippo's recent trademark litigation action and the recognition of ZIPPO as a well-known trademark in China, by the Zhejiang High Court.

blueRiot in Victoria, Australia

Charged with a Riot offense? What is the difference between public order offences and how other violence offenses? Learn the law and know how a case is established and defended in Victorian courts.

greenChange of Claim - Indonesia

     By Leks&Co
Herzeine Inlandsch Reglement ("HIR") and Reglement Buiten Govesten ("RBg") do not regulate the provisions of changing of claim. The legal basis for changing of claim is regulated under Article 127 Reglement op de Rechsvordering ("Rv").

greenException of Competence to Judge - Indonesia

     By Leks&Co
Exception, in Civil Procedural Law context, has the meaning as an objection. Exception can also be defined as a defense (plea) proposed by the defendant against the plaintiff’s claim.

greenLitigation Involving Private Money, Hard Money, Commercial Lenders, and Alternative Lenders

     By Don Coker
The author explains some of the important issues that arise in litigation involving private lenders and credit companies.

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