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blueProofs of Claim in Bankruptcy

     By Steven L. Higgs, PC
The simplest way for creditors to protect their rights in bankruptcy cases is by properly filing a proof of claim. This article discusses briefly the necessity for filing a proof of claim, the procedure for filing a proof of claim, and the effect of filing a proof of claim in a bankruptcy case. Citations have been omitted from this version of the article.

blueModern Business Companies: Comparative Analysis Focusing on Ukraine

     By Integrites
“Corporation” was the first term for an ancient prototype of legal entity and it remained the most popular type of legal entities in many European countries. This article is devoted to the appropriate perception of the similarities and differences in the modern types of European “corporations”, with a special focus on the main types of Ukrainian legal entities.

blueThe Written Word Remains: The Shade of Foreign Economic Contracts

     By Integrites
In times of universal business relations, foreign-economic contracts are probably signed more often than we blink. And, as it often happens in history, while the essence remains the same, formal demands to contracts often differ from country to country. In Ukraine, one of the heirs of the Soviet Union’s legal system, we clash with rather strict conditions of foreign economic activity, including special demands to the form of foreign trade contracts.

blueNew Spanish Competition Policy

The Spanish competition policy has been reformed by Law 15/2007, dated 3 July, and further developed by Royal Decree 261/2008, dated 22 February, in order to adapt it to EU Competency regulations, to strengthen the existing mechanisms, and to provide it with the instruments and the optimum institutional structure to ensure effective competition in the markets.

greenBe a Better Expert Witness

We all set goals, whether formally or subconsciously, especially at the start of a new year, when we feel we can wipe the slate clean and start anew.

greenParallel Importation of Goods in Hong Kong and Mainland China (Part II – Mainland China)

     By Angela Wang & Co.
Unlike the position in Hong Kong, the major laws and regulations governing the protection of intellectual property rights in Mainland China do not explicitly set out restrictions on parallel importation.

blueTaxation of Foreign Natural Persons According to the Bulgarian Tax Legislation

     By Valova & Angelova
Taxation of the foreign natural persons and legal entities in Bulgaria

greenPrevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Activities in Malta

     By CSB Advocates
Malta's commitment to the fight against money laundering and the funding of terrorism is firmly rooted in the country's interest in safeguarding its role as a reputable financial services centre, and buttressed by the country's status as a full member of the European Union and signatory to the main international multilateral treaties intended to tackle the affliction of money laundering in the world’s financial markets.

blueLaw Firm Strategy

     By Patrick J. McKenna
A couple of years back I was invited to author a brief, highly pragmatic and regular 250-word snippet for the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine addressing the strategic issues that law firms face on a continuing basis.

blueLaw Firm Leadership

     By Patrick J. McKenna
Drawen from surveys, discussions and interviews with managing partners, here are six 'thought starters' to reflect upon with respect to your leadership style and approach.

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