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blueNew Plans for Prosecuting White-Collar Crimes

     By The Blanch Law Firm
The Wall Street Journal reported today on the Department of Justice’s plans to revamp the methods they will use in prosecuting individuals at firms that are suspected of white-collar crimes.

greenAdministration of Estate by a Testamentsvollstrecker in Germany

The article outlines the legal framework of a German “Testamentsvollstrecker” and points out basic differences to an Anglo–American personal representative.

greenAncillary Probate Proceedings in Germany

According to the principles of the Common Law a personal representative has authority to seize the estate located abroad subject to recognition of the foreign courts. Do German courts recognize a personal representative?

greenGerman Inheritance Law - Intestate Succession

Under German succession law, intestate succession is determined by § 1931 ff. BGB.

greenDuties and Liabilities of Listed Companies’ Directors in Hong Kong– An Overview

     By Angela Wang & Co.
In line with global trend towards a higher standard of corporate governance based on the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability, the duties and liabilities of the directors of the listed companies in Hong Kong (the “Directors”) have therefore become more stringent over the past few years.

blueNew Time Limitations for Civil Actions - France

New time-limitations in French civil matters.

blueProtect Yourself with E-Verify: The Key to a Legal Workforce

     By Monty Partners, LLP
E-Verify is the free government service designed to validate your employees’ legal status to work for you.

blueParis Convention Priority: Clash Between Real and Local Time

     By Estudio Delion SRL
The Peruvian Trademark Office-INDECOPI carrying out a right interpretation on the industrial property regulations and mainly applying the common sense, granted priority right to a Japanese application filed on August 11, rather than a Peruvian application filed the same day.

blueForensic Animations – Are they Right for Your Case?

Attorneys need to consider how well a forensic animation will fit into their case. Is it worth the expense? Will you get something that is effective? This article looks at some considerations before committing to a forensic animation for your case.

greenFurther Opening of the Mainland Market to Hong Kong Companies under CEPA 5

     By Angela Wang & Co.
CEPA is a free trade agreement signed between Hong Kong and mainland China, the main text of which was signed on 29 June 2003.

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