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blueNew Guidance from the Pensions Regulator

     By Burges Salmon
The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has issued new guidance wanting pension schemes to communicate more effectively and openly with their members.

blueTerminating Employees in China: Some Practical Considerations

Due to increasing market pressures and other situation-specific factors, employers are often required to terminate employees in China. This article briefly outlines some of the issues that must be addressed by employers before and after employee termination, including matters to consider during the hiring of prospective employees, from the perspective of the employer.

blueGenerational Planning: Take Care of the Non-Tax Issues First

Business owners are well aware of how federal estate taxes can prevent the family business from passing to the next generation.

blueFSA v ICO

     By Burges Salmon
This briefing reviews the battle between the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) over information disclosure.

greenM&A Practices in Turkey

     By Yilmaz Law Office
Brief framework of mergers and acquisitions practices in Turkey.

blueChoose Your Words Carefully

In this article, Ray Horak makes the point that effective communications is all about choosing the right words. The corollary is that ineffective communications is all about choosing the wrong, or perhaps intentionally vague, words. That's where interpretation comes into play, and that's where technical experts and even lexicographers get involved. Horak shares some interesting examples of his litigation support experience defining words...sometimes again and again.

blueEstablishing a Foreign-Owned Restaurant Business in Beijing

For all of us (foreign) ‘locals’ in Beijing, we have seen the massive growth in foreign-owned restaurants over the past several years. Not only are such establishments popular (and very profitable), they are adding to the international cuisine and outlook of the nation’s capital. In this article, we outline the various procedures required to establish a restaurant.

blueSex Crimes: Serious Crimes with Weak Evidence

Prosecutors will tell you that criminal sexual assault and criminal sexual conduct does not occur in public. As a result, there are seldom witnesses and it is necessary to protect victims making allegations. However, is the nature of the offense truly a basis to permanently mar an innocent; defendant's record in a country where we have a strong presumption that the individual is innocent until proven guilty? Review this article on allegations of criminal sexual conduct.

blueDrug Charges and Their Defense

Drug offenses come in many varieties with one common factor, the penalties for a conviction are severe and may result in lengthy prison sentences and fines. An aggressive defense is necessary. Review this article related to drug charges and their defense.

blueAssault and its Defense

False allegations of assault occur regularly and a conviction may result in serious penalties including collateral consequences that may not be readily apparent. Review this article on assault and its defense.

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